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Have you heard of…?

As a social media manager and digital expert to those around me, I get asked questions that typically start with “Have you heard of…?”. These typically follow with the name of some obscure app, or website, or blog, or social media site, or made up language for all I know

Confession Time! I don’t know it all. I know, I know… […]

The 9 Essential Parts Of A Great Blog

Blogging is an essential piece of any content marketing strategy and can be a great way to express your expertise. Even just a few years ago, businesses didn’t really know what blogging was or why it could be valuable to them. Some professionals have embraced blogging and are excelling with it. Others…not so much. There IS an art to blogging, […]

3 Reasons Why I Don’t Care How Many People “Like” You

Businesses have this fascination with having a ton of “Likes” on Facebook and often they dictate their entire social media strategy around that one number. Well, today I’m here to tell you that that is one of the last numbers you should hang your hat on. Social media is so much more than the number of followers on Facebook and […]