Master the Craft of Book Marketing


Maximize your launch Day! 

Increase Sales & Exposure with this 16-point checklist, focused on activity you should focus on for launch day alone. Be hyper-focused with this helpful resource!

Book Launch Success Guide

Make your book launch and marketing strategy a success! This comprehensive guide and workbook will walk you through:

Nuts & Bolts of Assembling Your Book Project:

  • Essentials of a quality book cover
  • Book Layout
  • Author Websites & Social Media

How To Manage Your Time:

  • Your Book Launch Timeline
  • Launch Day Checklist
  • Launch Week Checklist

Getting the Word Out

  • Marketing from the Start: how to build a marketing conversation around your book.
  • How to Build a Killer Book Launch Team & What to do with them:
  • How to Build your Unofficial Launch Team

The Bigger Picture

  • Ongoing Marketing Strategy
  • What’s Next? How to Position your Book for Speaking, Coaching, More books, etc. to grow your author brand.
  • Simple steps to take to market book AFTER it’s been published

About Author Craft

Launching and marketing a book is a big deal! It’s surprisingly more work that you might realize, and it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. 

I launched my first book in 2019. I studied New York Times Bestselling Authors and how they launched their books, and tailored it for the independent author. With her book launch, We’re All Ears hit Bestseller in 9 times and #1 New Release 11 times.

Since then, I’ve  helped countless other authors do the same thing! I’ve worked with independent, self-published authors, as well as authors with a publishing deal.

I launched Author Craft resources as a way to give authors a roadmap of what to focus your attention on and when. I hope you find these resources helpful! 

I love sharing what I’ve learned with other authors! I know a book is just a small piece to your bigger brand as an author and an expert. Launching and marketing your book is vital to positioning you as that expert. 

Valerie Morris

Winning Launches: 

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