Simple & Tangible Resources

Resources to launch & Market your book

We’ve helped countless authors launch 5-star, bestseller book launches with our proven tactics and strategies.

Grab these amazing resources, mini classes, and checklists for the stage you’re in! 


Book Marketing Blueprint

Get a comprehensive approach to the digital marketing around your book to act as your guide! 

 What’s Included? 

  •  Activities you can do to position yourself as an author 
  • Timeline of tasks: activities are broken down for the months leading up to the launch, launch week/day, and the weeks/months following launch 
  • Tips for promoting and leveraging your audio book 
  • Recommendations for social media posts 
  • Best practices for authors on the core social media platforms Recommendations for email marketing

Bound for Bestseller with Launch Teams

Launch Teams are your ticket to bestseller and a boatload of 5-star reviews! This mini-course dives into: 

  • Where do I find people for my team?
  • How do I recruit them?
  • How can I activate them to participate in my launch?
  • What do you have your team do and when?
  • What is the exact timeline for my launch?

How to Time Your Book Launch [Mini Course]

In this course, we will cover:  

  • Schedule: How to pick your launch day and what to consider. 
  • Pre-Launch: What the months leading up to your launch day look like.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: Get a feel for the moving parts that can, and should, be happening in order to be ready for your launch day.  
  • The Who: Who the key players are and when they do their part.  
  • Launch Week/Day: Key considerations to make sure you maximize your schedule at and around your launch day.

Story Prompts for Authors

Stories help concepts stick and help you stay memorable. 

 But where to start? That’s often the hard part. 

That’s why I’ve made it easy for you. Here are 50 useful prompts to help you write and collect your own stories to incorporate into your next book manuscript, your next email you send, your next talk you give, or the next social media update you post. 

About Valerie

It all started with my own book launch in 2019. I took my background in digital marketing and content marketing as my foundation, but then needed to learn the publishing space. I studied what it takes to go after bestseller and get your book ranking in algorithms. I also studied what various New York Times Bestseller authors were doing to launch their books. 

Since my own book launched to bestseller nine times over and #1 new release 11 times over, I’ve helped countless authors go after similar rankings and hit their goals for five star reviews. Oh yea, and they sell a ton of books along the way too. 

My approach is simple, systematic, and designed to give you the info you need, when you need it. I know it can feel overwhelming to approach your book marketing and book launch and I know if we can break it down simply, it can work for authors. 

I love working with authors, and we’d be honored to work with you!