Social Media Advertising

Tintero Creative offers tried and true social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks.  We take an honest approach using the power of the best data around.  We work with you to meet your goals of reaching new customers/clients, driving more web traffic, growing your online authority and brand, and more.  Our goal is to help give you a competitive edge through data-driven analysis, custom audience targeting, strategic ad structuring, and purposeful ROI. This is THE best way to reach new people on social media today!

Social media Advertising

  • Results-proven methods
  • Trackable results
  • Reach thousands of prospective customers and clients
  • Leverage data-driven advertising

We recommend that social media advertising align with strategic social media management strategy as well.  We may make recommendations on landing pages, offer adjustments, and more to improve your effectiveness with Facebook advertising and social media advertising.


We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.  Let our experience help you get the best results for your dollar on Facebook and social media ads.


We create comprehensive ad campaigns to hone in on the top performers for best return on investment for you!


Social media advertising is all about data from start to finish.  We use data to target our ads, refine our ads while they run, and evaluate performance at the conclusion of every campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what to advertise?

We work with you to evaluate your current offers and sales funnel.  We’ll identify the best opportunities to advertise and also identify holes that need to be filled prior to any campaign launches.

How long do I run a campaign?

We believe in consistency here.  That’s why we recommend running ads alongside consistent organic social media content.  While you may ramp your ad strategy up or down based on product launches or sales, consistent ad spend is often a good thing for brands that really want to make a statement online and grow their revenue.

How much do I need to spend?

Facebook allows you to advertise for as little as dollars per day.  Before we start, we’ll talk about your goals and give you a budget estimate based on how many people you hope to reach.

Let's get going!

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