Website Design Excellence

Your website works to promote you 24/7, so you it should be an accurate representation of your business.  Your website should be well-designed and function well.  At Tintero Creative, we believe in beautiful websites that make a statement, while stating what you do well too.

Our Website Designs are built with:

  • Industry standards for website best practices
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Readability and quality user experience
  • Professional and artistic design
  • Friendly and ethical programming
  • WordPress, Shopify, or Squarespace CMS platforms

What’s Involved:

Sitemap & Planning

We will work with you to create the framework and outline of how your website will be built.  This is the skeleton of your site and it is important to create a strong user experience for your audience, as well as give search engines like Google a solid understanding of who you are and what you do.

Website Copy

We work with you to understand your brand message to write and edit copy for the pages of your website.  All of our web copy is written with the goal of telling your unique brand message in a compelling way, yet in a clear way to support your search engine optimization strategies.  If client provides any web copy, we’ll do a round or edits to make sure the web copy fits both of these criteria.

Website Design

Our design team will work to create rough mockup schemes to help you visualize what the website would look like.  Once you decide on a scheme, our programmers will create a development site, which can be revised up to two rounds of revisions before finalizing and making your site live.


We’ve worked with countless brands to create websites for speakers/coaches, healthcare, professional services, ecommerce, and professional blogs.



We take a personalized approach to your website design, helping you visualize and understand your options. 

Solid Foundation

We believe in building websites that work well now AND for the future.  We build in such a way that you can easily add features and functionality.  We also educate you on how to update basic content and maintain your site.  We want your website to work well for you longterm!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a website project take?

Ideally, a website project would run 6-7 weeks.  However, we know from experience that life happens, so some projects extend longer than that.  We do have policies about how long projects can stay on hold.  These policies are designed to keep the momentum going in order to deliver a great product!

Are there any extra costs?

Our goal is to be as upfront about website costs as possible.  We won’t charge you extra for things that should come standard like a working blog, mobile responsive pages, or sitemap.  What you will need to plan on is paying for your domain (your main URL), website hosting (server space for all the website files), and SSL (extra security on the site).  We can help you set these things up, but you will need to pay these fees yearly to a company like GoDaddy, Bluehost, or similar.

*We’ll create a website quote based on the needs you tell us at the beginning.  If you have other needs arise later on, there may be additional charges for those.  As mentioned above, if your revisions go beyond the set amounts, there may be additional fees as well.

How do I maintain my website ongoing?

We’ll instruct you on the basics of keeping your site backed up and updated ongoing when we finish up your project.  However, we also provide monthly maintenance services to help manage this for you.  We know you’re busy, and often this is a great solution for a busy practice.

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