Valerie Morris

Valerie is addicted to learning and consuming knowledge. She is a digital marketing strategist, speaker, author, and trainer who helps busy experts share their brand message and expertise with the world with the power of authority-building content. She helps them position them as the leaders in the field with the power of digital marketing, social media, and strategic content. She also teaches others how to do the same to with smart systems for strategic marketing success.

Valerie has built a successful digital agency from the ground up and has seen digital trends evolve literally in front of her eyes. Valerie is passionate about providing real tools and strategies that provide real results in marketing.




 My Promise To You and Your Attendees:

Your event is so much more than simply the day of, and so much happens off-stage. Here’s what you can expect when you work with me:

  • Live engagement with attendees. I love getting to know attendees outside of my presentation timeframe.
  • Timely presentation(s) that follow your event guidelines and respect attendees time.
  • Prompt and clear communication for logistics prior to event.
  • Social media promotion of the event.
  • 100% energy, excitement, and preparation in my presentation(s). 

If you’d like to talk about my involvement in your next event, please connect below.

Inspiring Marketing Advice That You Can Actually Use


Topics & Descriptions

My Most Requested Topics

Relationship-Building Secrets with Social Media

Wanna know a secret? Social media CAN help you build better relationships that lead to more business. Leverage social media and your online presence to build strategic relationships that help impact your brand’s bottom line. Content of session focuses on: Ways to shift your mindset for relationships instead of just message Best platforms on social media for relationship building Types of posts and content to create to promote relationships Tips & Tricks (Hacks) of how to nurture relationships in a time-efficient manner

Level Up LinkedIn

Take your LinkedIn presence to the next level to increase exposure and grow your personal brand. Content of session focuses on:

  • Different platforms within LinkedIn to leverage
  • How to use original content to position yourself as an expert and get noticed
  • Ways to strategically build your network to meet your goals
  • How to build relationships and get noticed without being spammy
Less Stress Video Marketing

You’ve been told for years that you should be doing video, but you don’t know where to start! If you’re confused about how to use video content effectively and strategically to create loyal patents and get new patients in the door, this session is for you.

Get prepared to learn the most effective video marketing tactics available today and how to implement them on the right social media channels. Learn how to make video content effectively and in a way that doesn’t bust the budget. More importantly, learn how to use video strategically to help boost your bottom line and be an asset to your practice. Video CAN be done and done well, join us today to learn how!

Following Well in a "Follow Me" Culture

How has our “follow me” culture affected us? Can we truly follow others well to learn and grow when we’re working so hard to be follow-worthy? How do we fight against the tendency to think we have it all figured out? And should we care? 

Dive deeper into the effects of social media on growth, personal development, and learning. Understand why mindset is so vital to this journey for true connection and growth on social media. And, what do we do about it? Learn tangible ways you can work toward balance and healthy connections. 

Custom Trainings For Corporate Groups & Events

Let’s custom-tailor your session to meet the needs of your team specifically. Valerie creates fully customized sessions based on your needs and to provide real value for all attendees.


Valerie’s presentation was beautifully designed, distinctively presented, and chocked full of strategic insights that could easily fill numerous blog posts. Students are still talking about it!

Denny McCorkle, University of Northern Colorado

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Valerie on stage and off, and she brings her real-self to the stage every time!

Rob Holdaway, Data-Dynamix

Valerie is one of the most talented writers and speakers I have known. Her speaking style was confident, and her information was informative and professionally delivered.

Beth Johnston, FSH Society

Valerie’s panel attracted a session registration of roughly 1000 people, with standing room only at the venue. She shared her social media expertise in a very eloquent, understandable manner. I especially appreciated her stressing the importance of publishing posts on LinkedIn. Valerie rocks as a speaker!

Joyce Feustal, Boomers Social Media