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Valerie Morris, Founder of Tintero Creative, shares her expertise across multiple media:

Speaker at Fuel Your Influence 2019

Valerie will be speaking at Fuel Your Influence 2019!  More details coming soon!

Learn more about FYI HERE.


Speaker at Social Media Online Summit 2019

How to Turn Your Social Media Fans Into Brand Champions

As visibility on social media starts to drop and as companies struggle with brand loyalty, building true fan relationships is even more vital for brands in 2019. A smaller but important group of highly engaged fans is more valuable than millions of disengaged followers. In this session, Valerie Morris shares what brands need to do to mobilize their social media followings into brand champions. (30 mins)

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Guest on Copy & Content Podcast

Join Jon Cook and guest Valerie Morris as they discuss how to make your content marketing strategy actually happen and how to create momentum with social media.  Valerie shares about growing your reach as a thought leader strategically in this interview.  

Listen to the full interview HERE.


Contributor:  Social Media Examiner

Valerie Morris shares insights into how to truly engage and use social media to build relationships in her article, “How to Succeed in Social Media Without Posting Any Content.”  

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Guest on The Entrepreneur Way Podcast

Join Neil Ball and guest, Valerie Morris, as they discuss how to earn someone’s ears on social media and in business.  Valerie shares about the concepts of earning the right to be heard and earning your audience’s attention online.  She also shares insights from her journey as a business owner and one that serves clients in digital marketing and social media.  

Listen to episode 961: Earning the Right to be Able to Sell Your Products to Your Customers HERE.


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