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You worked so hard to write your book, why not put your best foot forward on the launch too? 

We’ve helped countless authors launch 5-star, bestseller book launches with our proven tactics and strategies. 

About Valerie

It all started with my own book launch in 2019. I took my background in digital marketing and content marketing as my foundation, but then needed to learn the publishing space. I studied what it takes to go after bestseller and get your book ranking in algorithms. I also studied what various New York Times Bestseller authors were doing to launch their books. 

Since my own book launched to bestseller nine times over and #1 new release 11 times over, I’ve helped countless authors go after similar rankings and hit their goals for five star reviews. Oh yea, and they sell a ton of books along the way too. 

My approach is simple, systematic, and designed to give you the info you need, when you need it. I know it can feel overwhelming to approach your book marketing and book launch and I know if we can break it down simply, it can work for authors. 

I love working with authors, and we’d be honored to work with you!


Ways We Can Work Together: 


Bestseller Launch Management/Strategy

Bring huge awareness to your book, get initial set of reviews on Amazon for long-term social proof, pursue top new release/bestseller lists on Amazon, and bring legitimacy to your book for brand new audience who discovers your book.  Help spur sales for surge in book rankings for any other rankings lists you’re pursuing. 

Create a custom marketing plan for your book, based on your goals and business model. Explanations and walkthroughs included, as well as checklists and helpful worksheets. 

From formatting to loading, to category research, and more, if you need help with the logistics of getting your book live on the core platforms, we can help. 

Consulting blocks or full VIP days may be purchased to help you map out your plan or get a lot of ground covered fast. 

DIY Tools for Authors

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