Content Creation: Blogging, Video Blogging, & More

Content marketing is key in today’s digital landscape, but often brands are confused as to the best strategy to approach creating and promoting content.  The types of content available changes constantly as technology improves.  We know that a growing business needs to stay on top of the latest types of content to appear relevant and engaging.  That’s why we offer a variety of content

Where We Start:

We start with a solid content strategy to know what the ‘message’ will be.  Our content strategies focus on creating educational content that provides value, as well as engages the audience in an interesting way.  We also come at any content creation with an SEO lens as well so that your content can work for you in multiple ways.  Once we know what we will be talking about and why, we can move forward to create the actual content.

Content Creation:

Blogging:  Our expert team of writers creates blogs that engage audiences, are easy to read and understand, and provide valuable keyword content for search engines.

Video Blogging:  Think you don’t have time for video blogging?  Think again!  Our video blogging packages include bulk filming to be conscious of your busy schedule, and videos get edited and produced on a monthly basis without you having to lift a finger more.  All of our video blogging packages focus on multiple types of video, including interview style, animated, explainer, and more.  This means that we can stretch any filming in multiple ways.

Custom graphics:  Our designers create custom graphics, infographics, and other visuals to coincide and support a content strategy.  These can be done as stand alone projects or part of a consistent plan.

Social Media Content:  One of the best forms of content is social media posts, but they are most beneficial when they align with a content strategy.  Our social media management services provide a solid framework for quality social content.

…And let’s be realistic, there are new types of content and possibilities emerging every day.  We help you stay on top of the different digital possibilities.

Why Should My Company Create Content:

  • ›Establish yourself and your business as an expert
  • ›Boost Digital Presence & Brand Awareness
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Increase your website’s power on search engines (SEO)
  • ›Give Something To Get Something
  • Promote your brand on social media as an authority
  • ›Talk about something you LOVE!


Your clients have a few core questions and a few core concerns they need addressed.  We understand what they are looking for and can help you communicate that to them using quality content.

We’ve also worked with dozens of businesses just like yours from coast to coast!  


Personality of a business is often the reason people choose to come to you over the next business down the street.  We want to help you communicate your unique personality to your online community in a way that also supports your overall online presence.


Our approach to content creation (for blogs, videos, and social media) is based on keyword and traffic data.  We’re constantly tracking trends with data analytics and business intelligence solutions to see where we need to pivot the strategy.  We let data provide direction!

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel overwhelmed by this. How much work is involved by me?

Don’t worry!  We know that content marketing is overwhelming to many and that’s why we like to have a plan.  We work with you to create a content marketing plan that not only fits your brand and personality, but one that also is effective in driving inbound marketing traffic to you.  Our process includes initial meetings to gather preliminary information or footage, which is the bulk of the time we’ll need you.  After that, we’ll run long form content past you for any changes, but all content is sent together once a month, with minimal effort needed by you, the client.

How can you write or make videos about MY business?

We do initial kick off meetings where we interview you with strategic questions to get you to talk.  We sometimes call ourselves translators:  translating your expertise into language that anyone can understand and be interested in! Most viewers are not looking for overly technical information, but rather digestible educational content they can understand.  Don’t worry, you’ll have a chance to view blogs and videos before they go live, in case there are technical details you want to add in!

Yes! We need customized content!

Questions?  Feel free to contact our team:  720.608.8715