Book Marketing Strategies for Authors [Even if you have a Hybrid Publisher!]

[Case Study:  Book Launch]

Book Marketing Strategies for Authors

Dr. Matthew Mumber hired Tintero Creative to support his book launch of his new book of poetry called “In the Awakening Season.” When talking to Matt, you could tell he had a huge heart and that he simply wanted to bless the world with these words. His book of poetry lived up to the hype and is truly a gift to the world. 

Challenges for his book launch:

Matt worked with a traditional publisher who did not support the idea that a poetry book should be set up as an ebook as well. This meant that there was a larger price tag on the book since print books are more expensive than ebook versions. 

The publisher was also not willing to discount the book for his launch day at all. 

What we did:

Tintero Creative managed Matt’s launch team by helping him establish the team, identify the quantity of people he needed, provide scripts of what the author could use for direct communications, manage instructions to the team, and be available to answer questions. We also provided consulting on how to best structure the timing of launch day along with logistical support to ensure the book was set up in an optimal way on Amazon. 


Matt’s book hit #1 bestseller within six hours of officially launching as a physical book. 

The book also hit #1 Top New Release on Amazon in two different categories as well. 

The Magic:

Matt’s book launch was a success for a few reasons including the foundation that he had a solid strategy in place before his book was ready to share with the public. He was proactive and therefore people like us could be proactive with building hype for his launch day. Even though we faced a few challenges, as mentioned above, his book launch was a great success. We attribute that to two main things: Matt was invested in the process and followed our advice on and around launch day (authors MUST be the face of their books and there are things that only the author can do), and also Matt has been building a great network of people who want to see him and his book succeed. It was an easy ask to have them help him with launching his book because he has invested in these relationships for so long. 

A lot of authors decide to go the hybrid-publishing route, or work with a smaller publishing house. Even if you get a deal with a major publishing house, you’ll face some similar challenges. Many authors don’t fully realize that any publishing route you go requires you to be very involved with promoting the book. You will need to invest time, money, and effort into getting the word out! That’s why hiring someone to help you with the launch piece can be so effective and helpful.