Maximize your Expertise with a book

Launching and marketing a book is a big deal! It’s surprisingly more work that you might realize, and it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. 

I launched my first book in 2019. I studied New York Times Bestselling Authors and how they launched their books, and tailored it for the independent author. With her book launch, We’re All Ears hit Bestseller in 9 times and #1 New Release 11 times.

Since then, I’ve helped countless other authors do the same thing! I’ve worked with independent, self-published authors, as well as authors with a publishing deal.

I launched Author Craft resources as a way to give authors a roadmap of what to focus your attention on and when. I hope you find these resources helpful! 

I love sharing what I’ve learned with other authors! I know a book is just a small piece to your bigger brand as an author and an expert. Launching and marketing your book is vital to positioning you as that expert. 

Valerie Morris

Want to have someone tell you what you should do and when? This blueprint lays out key activities you and your team can do to market your book.
Learn how to use a Launch Team to turn your book into a bestseller.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all your book publishing options, this workshop lays out the exact steps you need to turn your book into a best seller with the most powerful launch tool available: a book launch team!

Got a ton of ideas? This workbook will help you put your ideas into some sense of order and help you map out what your next book will be about. 

Ready to get some clarity around your book idea? This is where to start! 

Wondering where to start with leveraging AI in your marketing? This swipe file will walk you through 30+ why-didn’t-i-think-of-that kinds of applications as well as basics for writing prompts for AI. 

Bestseller Launches:

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