Copywriting For Websites Basics

When people are building out websites or emails or even printed brochures, they often think that the words are just filler.  Yes, we live in a very visual world, but the words actually matter even more than we ever imagined.  That’s why when you spend appropriate attention on the copywriting on your website, you can actually make a big impression and let your copywriting sell for you!

Why Does Copy Matter On Your Website?

Copywriting is simply the words on the page that you list out.  However, most people don’t put a lot of thought into this.  They focus on the flashy graphics, the colors and the fonts, and the fun pop ups or features.  However, just because words are nearly as sexy as a slide in opt-in form, they still have amazing power.  Here are just a few reasons why the words on your website matter:

  • Words evoke emotion and can provide powerful triggers to get people to act now.
  • Words have the power to answer questions and move people down the sales cycle.
  • Words have the power to connect with people who learn by reading.
  • Words have the power to sell in places where people can’t turn audio or video on.
  • Words have the power to tell Google exactly what you do so they can show your website as an option in any searches people do with online queries.  

Words matter!  Simple as that.  

A few mistakes to avoid when you’re considering your website copywriting:

  1. Mistake #1:  Having someone internal write all of your copy.  Instead, hire someone who doesn’t know your business, but knows how to write website copy.  Not only will they instill best practices, but they will also help you translate your jargon and lingo into wording that everyday people will understand.  
  2. Mistake #2:  Writing in large paragraphs.  People process information better in smaller chunks, especially in things like lists and bullet points.  Separate out your website copy into small, digestible sections so that people can skim and then read for more information. 
  3. Mistake #3:  Focusing on paragraphs more than headings.  Most people skim first and then go back and read in more depth.  They don’t read from top to bottom.  This means that the headings of your page and any subheadings are actually more important than the paragraph and detailed text.  Often, people do the work in reverse and end up with ineffective headlines that don’t actually work for them.  
  4. Mistake #4:  Setting copy in stone.  You aren’t engraving these words into a statue; the words can change and in fact, they should change.  Don’t be afraid to change something if you realize that what you thought would work actually doesn’t work quite as well.  Adapt and pivot your website text as you go throughout your business.  These little tweaks will help you refine your message as you get feedback from real website traffic and real users.  

The big takeaway here is that the words on your website matter a lot and should not be an afterthought.  Take some time before you hire a website programmer, to consider what kinds of messages are vital to share to your viewers.  Get an idea of the basics and any solid professional will help you refine from there.  

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