What implications does this new testing by Instagram on hiding likes on posts mean for business? 

What do these new features they are testing mean for users and teens especially?

This segment, by Fox31 Denver, talks about both angles of this news from Instagram about testing hiding like counts on posts. The tests are rolling out and when implemented, you can’t see how many likes a post has received as a public viewer. The owner of the profile can still view how many likes a post has received, but it’s a few more clicks of the button.

These proposed changes that Instagram is testing could be a step in the right direction for psychological health and social media use. However, it will mean shifts for businesses who are leveraging Instagram for their social media marketing strategy. Having a solid social media strategy in place means that you can roll with any changes like these and ultimately bring the humanity into the brand on any level. Valerie Morris shares her insights as a social media strategist and has ideas on how brands can respond to these changes if they become a permanent thing for Instagram.

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