Geotargeting For Your Practice:  Get specific about who you are advertising to

Geographic Targeting with Social Media Ads According to AdEspresso by Hootsuite, “geo-targeting is a way to restrict your ad audience to a certain geographic area.” It’s “marketing to a set of specific users based on their location.” Geo-targeting is a digital marketing tactic that allows businesses the opportunity to effectively reach relevant individuals. For a practice, this type of effort can be a viable mean of advertising due to the local nature of your business. Patients look for practices that can serve their needs in the long run and want the convenience of having their trusted doctor nearby. Many patients want to find a practice that will result in a long-standing and reliable relationship. Because good medical health is an essential lifelong need, geographic relevance is important to a Facebook ads strategy or social media strategy.  

What are the benefits of geotargeting in your social media ad strategy?

Segmented Ads

As mentioned above, you can use geotargeting to segment your advertisements to people based on their location. If you are looking to attract new clients in a specific area, choose to run your ads in those locations only. You have the power to control where you want to target your efforts.  Segmenting audiences also allows you the ability to test and learn about trends in your own community.  Neighborhoods go through evolutions of propensities to purchase, generational changes, and more.  Segmenting audiences geographically can do wonders for your A/B testing and ad strategy.  

Regional Awareness

Because ads will be served to geographically relevant individuals, it is reasonable to see that you have a higher rate of converting these individuals into customers. Many business allocate a budget towards advertising, but do not serve their ads to the right people. Any time a business or practice can hone in on a targeted audience, the more likely the efforts will result in the desired action. These ads can also reminders individuals to schedule a checkup, or to schedule a teeth whitening appointment when they drive or walk by their dentists office. Geotargeting doesn’t just encourage local individuals to attend a nearby medical office; it can also be used to help individuals to remember to complete an action each time they enter a specific geographic area.

Real-Time Advertising

Real-time means relevant!  When you serve ads to customers as they’re in a specific place and encourage them to take an action based on their location, you catch them at the most relevant time. Being able to capture someone’s attention at the right moment is something many other advertising methods fail to achieve. Geotargeting is unique. It brings a new dynamic in that it uses real time data to reach you.

If you’re looking to increase the reputation of your practice, increase engagement with people in a certain area and use a highly targeted method of advertising, geotargeting is worth a try. When it comes to digital marketing, the rewards can be great if you execute a well-thought out plan and identify clear objectives. Take some risks in the new year and see what the rewards are! Your practice can gain a lot from this kind of approach.