Let’s Face it…Instagram is a lot to keep up with. It is a world of networking, art, entertainment, communities, and a platform for those who use it as a marking tool. Just take a deep breath, and tell yourself, “I got this,” because the beast of Instagram can be conquered. Is it forever changing? Yes. But never fear, the changes are not a secret, and they are meant to create a more engaging experience for viewers to connect to what they want to see! That includes YOUR product or service! Woohoo! 

Here Are 3 Simple Instagram Marketing Tips

1. Find Your People Through Interactions 

The algorithm is smarter than you may think. Each user’s Instagram profile keeps a record of key categories that users interact with on their Instagram page. “Interactions” are noted by Instagram’s algorithm whenever you do actions such as view a post/story for longer than normal, search for an Instagram page, like pictures, or click any button that shows that you are paying attention to something you see/click (i.e., polls, IG live, scrolling speed, and the list could go on). The longer the interaction, the more successful a post/page will become for the creator because the algorithm pushes it to more people. 

Okay, I don’t need to get ahead of myself here. Where were we? Oh yes, find your people! You have a good product, you know it will serve a purpose for others, so how do you advertise your product or service to those who will appreciate it too? Branding—yes, this is a large topic, but branding on Instagram is a whole thing in itself. 

Instagram branding can look like highlighting what you do in a personalized way and displaying that to your viewers through your posts, reels, stories, interactions, and collaborations! Giving your brand identity gives viewers a chance to relate to it and desire to engage more with your product. Find people to follow that could connect with what you have to offer. Like, comment, and engage with the stories of others! Instagram supports pages that keep app interactions alive and connects you to more viewers/followers.

2. Keep up with Current Trends and Culture ↗

Keeping your content fresh and up to date with the trends and culture is a good way to stay ahead of the game with social media marketing. Take a scroll through reels and you will quickly discover audios, challenges, and themes that people are using and viewing on Instagram. I tend to frequently save audios and reels that I like while I’m scrolling through my discover page. I write down ideas and create content that supports my “niche.” Virtually any current trend can be tailored to one’s brand with a little creative spin! 

Putting effort and consistency in posting content to your feed will never hurt, it will only give more opportunity. The assumed etiquette to not create two posts in one day is no longer; post as often as you desire, but with genuine effort and creative thought. It is important to add that the shorter, more concise videos do the best. Instagram is pushing 7-second videos to be shown first in the algorithm for reels. 

3. Find Lifestyle Influencers to Interact with Your Brand

Influencers are the insider key to connecting with unreachable audiences. Some people do not like to follow brands on their social media, but people who inspire them just by living their life? Absolutely! 

Getting your brand or service to influencers can grow your audience and brand awareness exponentially. Some companies even fund trips for influencers and creators. This brilliant marketing strategy gets a company’s product or service viewed through the influencer’s page while acquiring photographs the company could use. The possibilities to collaborate with influencers or other companies are endless. This approach to collaborative marketing with influencers has been popular over the past few years.

There is much debate on the appropriate compensation for influencers working with brands. Every collaboration could look different but can typically be a good investment for a company. Have you ever thought about seeking out influencers to represent your brand? It could propel your company towards more growth!

Following these 3 tips are simple ways to see your Instagram platform grow and bring awareness to your brand! The right investment in social media marketing will bring genuine customers from every corner of the world. It is never too late to get started and put your company out there!

Written by Emily Malone  @em.mo