Reputation Management For Businesses

Why Care About Reviews?

  • Promote a flood of positive reviews on public platforms, and work to prevent negative reviews from ever making it public
  • Helps capture the “intent” bucket of prospective clients who are actively searching for businesses like you
  • Builds loyalty with existing clients and customers
  • Helps with organic rankings for SEO
  • Build up reviews on sites you want more reviews


We build a unique landing page created to point clients to in order to leave feedback and prompt reviews from clients.


Review Monitoring

Filter your reviews first! Negative reviews are prompted to email a manager (keep these reviews off of a public site).  Positive reviews are prompted to leave a review on the major review sites (Google, Yelp, Facebook).  A manager is emailed every time you get a review


We create a page for your website that combines all the reviews into one spot, with links to where the review was originally posted (to prove the review is legitimate.) You, the client, also get a regular report on your progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm already gathering reviews with an industry software, is that enough?

The truth is that most people search for a new business using search engines like Google, or a review site like Yelp or Facebook.  We encourage businesses to boost reviews on these public sites where your company is more likely to be found in a blind search.  Of course, the reviews you have on your practice software program or industry-specific are still good, we can take it to the next level!

What do I do if I get a bad review?

Bad reviews are not always a bad thing.  Businesses that have only 5 star reviews can seem a little fishy.  That’s why a few 3 star, 4 star, or even the random bad review are good, because they make the 5 star reviews seem more legitimate.  Our program helps you filter out the bad reviews so that you have a nice mix of the 3-5 star reviews.  This also allows you to address customer concerns before they rant about you publicly.

Ready to Improve Your Image?

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