Simplify Your Digital Marketing & Stay Sane at the Same Time!

If there is something that feels overwhelming in business, it can be marketing – especially digital marketing. It changes so fast and has so many possible strategies to utilize. Not only that, but it’s such an important piece to business, and one where if you. That’s why a few simple strategies can help your brand keep control over your digital marketing and excel at it! 

As an agency specializing in social media and digital marketing, we work on these kinds of systems for not only ourselves, but our clients as well. Every single project follows a few internal practices that not only help keep us organized, but allow us to put the best marketing forth for every client. We’re peeling back the curtain on our favorite tips to simplify your digital marketing and grow your brand’s presence. 

  1. Don’t do it all. Very few businesses need to be on EVERY social media channel. Can I let you in on a little secret here? Most of the people who are “doing it all” are not really doing it all on their own. They have people helping with different parts of the process so that they can be involved in the most vital pieces, but also keep the ball rolling. This may mean bringing someone on board to help execute and strategize on content creation, social media management, advertising, website management and more. You, as a business owner, can be involved in vital messaging decisions and final products, but that doesn’t mean you need to be doing every single step of the process. There are experts for that! 
  2. Content Calendars. We live and die by content calendars. They help us map out what we’re talking about in the coming days, weeks, and months. This is done to help us stay strategic with the types of messages and topics we focus on. You don’t want to focus on one theme a ton, and then never again for months. Often, you need to make sure that you have a cadence to the frequency and timing of when you talk about certain themes. Content calendars are also helpful because they allow you to flex when last minute things come up. Not only that, but your entire team can be in the know on what the pieces and parts are to the marketing strategy at any given time. 
  3. Strategic Alerts. One of our best kept secrets is staying alert to trending topics and even things related to our own business. We do this with the help of Google Alerts. This simple (and free) tool allows you to set up an alert for when certain keywords are mentioned online. We like to set them up for our brand, clients, and other trending topics. We get an email whenever these things are mentioned and we don’t have to go searching. The work is done for us. 
  4. Work Ahead. Let’s face it…life happens. When we go through busy seasons, or even have unexpected curveballs thrown our way, the best way a digital marketing strategy can keep on moving is by having most of the legwork done ahead of time. When you work ahead, you can be more strategic and thoughtful. You can also deal with the day-to-day content and real-time messages without worrying about the foundational content. Why? You already took care of it by working ahead. 
  5. Embrace Your Network. You don’t have to come up with everything on your own. A very simple way to streamline your efforts is by focusing on others. Feature their accomplishments, content, and expertise. Link over to their content. Interview them on your video or blog series. Any time you can do this, it shows that you are part of a much larger network than one might assume and you can build valuable linking and tagging. All of this expands your network exponentially. The genius part of this plan is that YOU aren’t the one coming up with all of the thought leadership in the content. You are simply highlighting it. It can take a lot off of your plate, while building you some very nice digital equity!

We love simplifying the process of digital marketing. It already feels daunting enough when there are so many different platforms to focus on, places to build your brand, new user trends, and ever-changing algorithms. It can feel exhausting! That’s why with a few basic strategies you can simplify your digital marketing strategy, stay sane, and enjoy the process!