You’ve decided you need help with digital marketing or social media, but you don’t know where to start? Welcome to the club! Many business owners and managers struggle with knowing how to make the right decision. We get it:  it can be overwhelming when you don’t live in digital marketing day in and day out. Sometimes you don’t realize what help you need and sometimes you’ve been burned in the past and you are scared to try a similar tactic.

We hear this all the time with clients and prospective clients and frankly, we want to work with people who are on board with the strategy and our team. That’s why we pulled together this short list of things to consider as you look for the right help for your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Testimonials: Go scope the business out online and see what kinds of testimonials and reviews they have. Look at individuals’ LinkedIn profiles for recommendations and see if there are any relevant reviews on Facebook or Google if it’s applicable.
  2. Consider how you found the company. Did the company come as a referral from someone you know and trust well? Did you hear them present or share information at an event or something online?
  3. Do they exhibit their expertise? Do you see any proof online or in the materials (speaking, published books, podcast interviews, etc.) where they share some of their philosophy or approach to their craft? As you pay attention to any of this content, see if what they’re saying lines up with other things you’ve heard or simply sounds logical.
  4. Consider their track record. Have they been in business for a substantial amount of time or are they brand new?
  5. What is their communication style? Does that style jive with the way you like to work? Are they on top of timely communication and follow-through in the initial proposal stage?
  6. What are their policies? Do they sound fair and can you understand the logic behind their policies?
  7. Are they proposing a strategy that will help you work toward your goals? Or, does their proposed strategy help you do other “good” things in digital marketing, but not help you with your core focus?

We know that digital marketing changes almost daily and that can be overwhelming for most businesses. Keeping up with those changes and staying strategic as well can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important that you bring in the right experts to help you out. As you work toward your marketing goals, our hope is that you can look through the list above and feel confident in who you decide to work with.