Not Sure What to Post? Use Content Buckets to Help Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s exhausting coming up with new content for your digital channels all of the time. It can leave you feeling uninspired and seriously overworked!

If you are suffering from this creative drain, it’s because you are missing a crucial part of your social strategy: content buckets.

What are Content Buckets?

Also known as content pillars or content categories, content buckets are the core set of topics that make up the foundation of what you share, amplify, and discuss online. In other words, they are the key themes that your audience can expect to see from your brand. 

How do Content Buckets Boost My Marketing Strategy?

First, they provide consistency. It helps you hone in on what your brand is and it can help you, or your brand, become a thought leader within your industry or niche. 

Second, it provides clarity to your social strategy. It helps you develop more targeted and relevant content for your audience. When you know the core set of topics that you share and discuss, it can be easier to develop more effective content for your brand. 

Third, it also makes it easier to plan and schedule your content in advance! Content buckets essentially give you a road map to follow, giving you plenty of topics to talk about at a later date or to rotate through. 

Finally, content buckets can help you clarify your niche. When you show that you are an expert in a particular area or share or discuss a certain set of ideas, this can help you grow your audience faster. 

What are My Content Buckets?

Brands aren’t all the same, so every brand is going to have different or unique content buckets. Your content buckets will be specific to your brand, but can also cover a few additional themes. For example, a local yarn store may have these content buckets: knitting and crocheting tips, tutorials, color palette inspiration, and sales and promotions. 

To help you develop your content buckets, here are some things you should do:

  • Understand Your Business Goals: Write down what your goals are. Understanding your goals can help you not only develop content buckets, but better content!
  • Understand Your Audience: Identify your audience’s needs and values. Conduct some keyword research to help you understand what your audience is searching for.
  • Consider the Gaps: Identify any gaps in content or discussions in your niche or industry. Then consider how your brand can fill in those gaps.
  • Stay Up To Date: Keep up on industry trends that align with your audience’s interests.
  • Conduct Competitor Research: Take note of your competitors and what seems to work for them and what isn’t working. This can also help you identify gaps. 

Put Content Buckets Into Action

Once you’ve developed your list of content buckets, it’s time to use them to help amplify your online marketing efforts. Start by making a social media plan or content calendar that lays out what you want to talk about each day of the month. Each day’s topic should fall into one of your content buckets. 

Then create the copy and graphics for each post and schedule your posts in advance. This will free up some time for you to then engage with your audience online, further building trust and deepening relationships. 

Don’t forget to regularly analyze your content and adjust your content or content buckets when something isn’t working as successfully as you had hoped. 

Key Takeaways

By developing some well-rounded content buckets based on your brand, audience, and goals, you can create much more powerful and effective content. It can also make planning out your content in advance much simpler because you already have themes to work off of.

Need help developing your brand’s content buckets? Tintero Creative can help improve your brand’s online presence through healthy and sustainable marketing tactics. We empower brands to be active in the story they tell their audience. Schedule your free consultation today!