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You want to provide value, I mean REAL value at your next event.  I get it!  That’s what I look for when I decide what events to attend myself.


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What Others Have Said…

I invited Valerie to speak at #SocialROCK2018 social media and entrepreneurship conference and was blown away. I knew Valerie was knowledgeable about her material, but her public speaking presence was perfection. Not only did she understand how to work the crowd, but she provided actionable tips to help a wide range of business owners and entrepreneurs in the room learn and grow at their own pace, all within a 45-minute span of time. Some of the greatest feedback of the conference came from Valerie’s keynote. She was also timely, professional, and very prepared for the work she came to do. I would highly recommend hiring Valerie to speak at an event on social media marketing, professional development, or live video.

– Lauren Davis, SocialRock2018

“Valerie is extremely knowledgeable and professional in helping people understand social media. She is also a gifted speaker, with a clear and concise message. I highly recommend her!”

-Cheryl Ilov, Ilov Integrated Arts

Valerie’s presentation was beautifully designed, distinctively presented, and chocked full of strategic insights that could easily fill numerous blog posts. Students are still talking about it!

-Denny McCorkle, University of Northern Colorado

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Valerie on stage and off, and she brings her real-self to the stage every time!

-Rob Holdaway, Data-Dynamix

Valerie is one of the most talented writers and speakers I have known. Her speaking style was confident, and her information was informative and professionally delivered.

Beth Johnston, FSH Society

Valerie is a clear, organized, and concise speaker with a thorough knowledge of her subject. Participants left with useful information because of Valerie. She’s perfect for any speaking venue!

Melody Jones, Colorado Women in Social Media

Valerie’s panel attracted a session registration of just under 1000 people, with standing room only at the venue. As a panelist, she shared her social media expertise in a very eloquent, understandable manner. I especially appreciated her stressing the importance of publishing posts on LinkedIn. Valerie rocks as a speaker!

Joyce Feustal, Boomers Social Media

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