Plus 3 Ways You Can Utilize AI to Improve Your Marketing and Increase Customer Engagement

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics around water coolers right now. We’ve found that either people love AI, or they hate it. Some see AI as a way to improve our lives, while others are afraid AI will take over. 

The Role of AI in Marketing

When it comes to AI in marketing, we believe there is the potential to enhance marketing strategies and the customer experience, plus streamline processes. It’s also a cost-effective way for brands to scale up marketing campaigns and increase their return on investment (ROI).

Artificial intelligence can help brands gain insight into things such as customer satisfaction. AI platforms like ChatGPT can deliver tailored recommendations for products or services that resonate more with customers. And it can also analyze customer interactions on social media or messaging platforms to determine the perception of your brand. 

Unleashing the potential of artificial intelligence for your brand can ultimately help improve marketing strategies and in turn, your business’s bottom line. 

How We Recommend Incorporating AI Into Your Marketing Strategy

There are many different ways to incorporate ChatGPT and other forms of AI in your marketing. Here are some use cases that we think can have a positive impact on your social marketing strategies and customer experience. 

1 | 24/7 Customer Support

Who doesn’t love improved customer service at a reduced cost? Many brands have already incorporated chatbots into their customer support structure. These chatbots allow customers to chat in real-time about issues or questions they have. Often, chatbots can help answer questions or solve problems, deflecting customer service calls, freeing up time for your employees to do other important things. And when a problem can’t be resolved over chat, these chatbots are able to direct the customer to a human who can finish resolving the problem. 

Bottom Line: When you have better customer service, that means better reviews of your brand that you can promote in your social marketing!

2 | Data Collection and Feedback

Insights on your customers and even how you stack up against your competitors are the foundation to developing any effective marketing strategy. ChatGPT and other AI platforms have the ability to analyze customer preferences, behaviors and interactions with your brand as well as strategically compare your brand against your competitors. Armed with this knowledge, we can help refine your marketing campaigns to reach the right customers in the right way. 

Bottom Line: AI provides information and insight into customers and competitors so you can improve your marketing strategies based on hard data. 

3 | More Personalized Experience

Giving your target audience a more personalized experience adds value to the customer journey. AI has greatly improved over the years and can provide natural, human-like interactions with customers. ChatGPT and other AI platforms can also help your business scale up when needed, such as handling large quantities of customer queries. AI can also generate more targeted marketing campaign copy. The more targeted you are in your marketing, the bigger the return on investment you’ll receive. 

Bottom Line: Personalizing your marketing campaign copy to hyper-targeted audiences combined with conversational interactions with AI, your brand can drive higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Key Takeaways

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have to be scary. It has the potential to improve and amplify your marketing campaigns and create a more positive customer experience. Remember, AI isn’t a replacement, it is a tool that you can use to streamline processes, increase conversion rates and improve engagement. When used in the right way, it has the potential to bring a significant and positive impact to your marketing strategies.