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In this episode you will learn:

  • The steps that Beth took in her career in order to become a fractional CMO.
  • What the job of a fractional CMOs entails.
  • How the marketing space has evolved over the last few years.
  • The development of new marketing channels in the last few years.
  • How to decide which marketing channels are the best for your brand.
  • How to identify the assets and skills that you need for your chosen social media networks.
  • How to find your audience online.
  • How to use social media for customer service.
  • Why it is important to decide what not to do in marketing. 
  • The three different levels of engagement in social media.
  • How to develop the right messages for your audience on different social media platforms.
  • How to think about social media strategically.
  • Beth’s ideal client.
  • How to decide what markets you should be in.
  • The biggest value that strategic marketers bring to clients.
  • What is the information that you need about your customer at each stage of the customer journey? 
  • How to qualify prospects.
  • A big marketing win that Beth achieved recently. 
  • What to do when things don’t go exactly as planned in marketing.
  • When to walk away from a potential client. 
  • How to understand which personality types you work well with. 
  • Beth’s top advice for achieving your biggest marketing win.
  • Why customers are more open to giving feedback to an external party.
  • The power of the third party perspective. 

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