5 Tips to Help You Hire a Reputable Marketing Firm

When it comes to your brand, there are a lot of things you need to get done on a daily basis to run a successful business. Often, marketing is one of the things that gets pushed to the back of the queue.

However, marketing is an important aspect of getting your brand out in front of potential customers, engaging with existing clients, as well as boosting your sales and growth. 

But you probably already know that or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

So you’ve decided to hire a marketing agency to help you with your marketing strategy and execution. But with so many different companies out there offering marketing services, deciding on the best agency to hire may not be an easy task.

Here are some tips to help you find a reputable marketing agency that can actually help your brand grow. 

1 | Social Proof

Start by looking at each agency’s portfolio, or social proof. Social proof is where you find out whether their claims are credible. For example, if an agency claims to have expertise in your industry vertical, make sure their portfolio actually demonstrates the same. Also look at client testimonials on independent review sites. 

Then, take a look at the marketing channels they are using to promote their services and their client interactions. Take a look at their branding, website, and advertisements and evaluate the quality of all of these things. Are they creative and effective? 

Why look at their own marketing for their company? Because if they can’t properly brand and market themselves, then they can’t do the same for other companies.

2 | Avoid the One-Size-Fits-Most Approach

Be wary of agencies that try to sell template solutions. A great marketing agency understands that each brand is unique. These marketing agencies will tailor your marketing toward what makes your brand unique. A great marketing agency takes the time to get to know their client, does the research, and develops a strategy that tells your brand’s unique story.

Creating unique marketing strategies based on your brand’s story not only helps you stand out online, but it can also help show your target audience why your brand can meet their needs better than your competitor can. And this is something you can truly smile about! 

3 | You Get What You Pay For

If a company quotes you a very low cost compared to other agencies, think twice about hiring that agency. Especially if they promise you the moon and the stars when it comes to developing and nurturing leads and sales. It might look like an attractive proposal, but often, these companies are a scam or just can’t deliver on what they promise. 

4 | Intellectual Property Ownership

Inquire with the agency about ownership of intellectual property. Make sure that the ideas, assets, or any other collaborative output that is conceptualized and created belong to you. These assets and ideas simply belong to you and should be under your discretion and control. If an agency is being shady about ownership rights, place them in the “do not hire” column. 

5 | Look for Healthy and Sustainable Tactics

The best marketing agency will define a strategy that is long-term, sustainable, and healthy. Marketing isn’t just about running one short-term campaign after another. Each tactic should work toward the larger long-term strategy. If a company is promising you instant results in a short time period, rather than incremental growth over a longer period of time, chances are you won’t see many results. Marketing is a long-term game and a good agency understands that and educates their clients on that. 

Storytelling Experts that Improve Your Online Presence

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We empower our clients to be active in the story they tell their audience, guiding them to health and sustainable marketing tactics. Plus, we ensure that your story gets told in the most effective way possible in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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