3 Key Benefits Authority Building Brings to Your Marketing Strategy

With the invention of the Internet, and then subsequently blogs and social media, anyone can post whatever they want for the world to view. But as content becomes more widely available, audiences have begun to turn to more credible sources for their information. These target audiences aren’t just looking for a brand’s product or service, rather, they are actively looking to you or your brand for information and ideas. 

These credible sources of information and ideas are often referred to as thought leaders. 

That is why the marketing world is abuzz with the phrase and the idea of “thought leadership.” 

Why Thought Leadership is a Must

Any good marketer knows that their job is to fulfill a need audiences have or to solve a problem. Positioning your brand as a thought leader within your industry or niche and then marketing that thought leadership can be a real boon to your business. 

Thought leadership provides a natural and very incredible resource for marketing. Not only does thought leadership make your brand more recognizable within your industry or niche, but it provides a wealth of material that actively answers the most important question marketers ask, “How can I solve my target audience’s problem?” 

Thought leadership generates a huge amount of content that can be shared on all social platforms, but it is particularly well geared toward LinkedIn. As an individual, thought leadership can get you noticed by headhunters from top companies on LinkedIn. For brands, thought leadership can be used for publicity, recruitment, and marketing on the platform.

So now you can see why marketers are all about thought leadership and why it’s a must for 2023 and beyond! 

Now let’s take a deeper look at three key benefits of thought leadership for your brand when it comes to marketing.

1 | Publicity Act

Not only does thought leadership provide marketable content for your marketing team, but it is also appreciated by your public relations team. Thought leadership can literally fuel PR opportunities. When you are seen as an expert in your field, people take notice, including reporters. This can lead to more publicity, such as being featured in a publication. Not to mention that these nods from the media can further help your marketing efforts!

2 | The Trust Factor

Marketers deeply understand the need for brands to be seen as trustworthy and credible. Trust and credibility build deeper, more loyal relationships between brands and their customers. These deeper relationships increase engagement and conversions because they are more likely to trust you over a competitor. Among peers, trust and credibility increases their respect for you and their willingness to help you or work with you (think collaboration opportunities that can further your thought leadership and your reach). 

3 | All the Riches

Thought leadership is rich content. Rich content is something of value given freely to the target audience. The most respected thought leaders give away tons of content, free of charge, such as in blog posts, podcasts, videos, and so much more. Why? Because it is a way for them to show off their expertise and to connect with their target audience. Think of thought leadership as part of the sales funnel or pipeline. When you offer valuable information for free, it helps you engage your customers and clients, build trust with them, and eventually, turn them into paying customers down the line. 

The Takeaway

Thought leadership is a veritable source of information and engagement, making it the perfect type of content to market. Your target audience is actively seeking out credible information that you can provide them. With thought leadership, you can position yourself as that credible source and build loyal audiences that will be willing to pay for additional information and ideas you can provide them. 

If you want to learn how to position yourself as a thought leader within your industry or niche, Tintero would love to help! We create digital strategies that tell your story in a way that works with your industry as well as with the current digital trends and marketing best practices. Learn more on our website today!