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Affordable, or Free, Resources for Photos, Audio, and Video Clips In today’s world of social media, you HAVE to be creating your own content to get build any authority online.  Social media is part of an intricate web of promoting traffic to websites, linking your brand with others, getting broadcasted […]

Free Resources For Photos, Audio, or Video Files

How To Respond On Social Media To Tragedies and Mass Shootings Got a case of the Mondays?  Well, this week was a doozy after we all woke up shell-shocked at the mass shooting in Las Vegas.  It’s horrible, and even as I write this, I know that the words are […]

How To Respond To Tragedies On Social Media

Should You Buy Cheap Likes on Facebook? Can we talk about the big elephant in the room here?  If you’ve been around social media marketing at all for the last few years, you know that there are new strategies emerging every day about how to gain traction on social media.  […]

Buyer Beware: Is it a good idea to buy ...