Podcasts have quickly become one of my favorite ways to consume content.  Whether I’m working in the garden, on a walk with the dogs, or driving in the car, a podcast can help pass the time in a faster, and more inspiring, way!  I know this isn’t an exhaustive list (because there are SO many other podcasts to discover), but here are my top five favorite podcasts that inspire me in business and marketing.

  1. StoryBrand Podcast.  Donald Miller does such a great job of bringing guests that provide not only inspiration, but tangible tips and insights.  He covers a range of topics from time management, to tactics, to getting your story straight.  I love the banter he has with his co-host at the start of each show and the interviews clip along at a great pace.
  2. Hope Writers Podcast:  I stumbled upon this podcast and have consumed almost every single episode.  There are many episodes that I want to go back through and listen to again!  I love the interaction between the three to four people chatting that host the show together.  I also love the practical tips they give for writers.  As someone who has one book manuscript almost finished, I love hearing these insights.  However, as someone who writes shorter-form content all the time for myself and clients, the insights are applicable at any stage of “writing” I’m in.
  3. Smart Passive Income:  I’m a BIG fan of Pat Flynn and the journey he has been on.  Not only that, but I love how he SHARES that journey with his audience.  I’ll be honest, while I love they SPI podcast, I can only listen to it so much – mainly because there are so many tangible things I want to go do as a result of listening to it.  I have to space them out a little bit so my mind can catch up!  
  4. Rise Podcast/Dais Podcast:  I honestly don’t know what this podcast is called because I think she just changed the name, but I discovered Rachel Hollis and her podcast by accident and fell in love!  While not everything is applicable to me, I love listening to her encouragement, challenges, and just no-nonsense way of taking business and life on.  Any woman in business will love listening to her.  Heck, any man will appreciate it too!
  5. Goal Digger Podcast:  Jenna Kutcher’s podcast is a really fun one full of high-quality interviews, lots of laughter, and plenty of tangible inspiration.  Again, this is one that I can’t listen to very often because I walk away with too many action steps I want to take.  It’s great for people who are out building influence in the world, regardless of the angle or industry you have!