Social media is all about relationships and now one gets that more than Ted Rubin!  Ted is the crazy guy that publicly gives out his cell phone number at conferences and tells people to call him.  So, I did!  I’m currently working on a book project and the concept of Return on Relationships fits in perfectly.  He was really easy to work with to coordinate a phone interview.  Since then, we’ve become good friends on social media and have admired all that he’s doing online!

A few takeaways from our chat:

  • Snapchat is the ultimate social media platform for relationships.  It’s difficult to fabricate yourself or your persona on Snapchat.  It is the best place online right now to do storytelling.
  • Twitter is the best for relationships because it’s rapid-fire and you can connect with people in short, direct moments.  After being around a lot of blunt, direct people who say it like it is, I can see why Ted like Twitter.  The southern roots in me think that Twitter has some ways to go before it’s the ultimate social media tool for relationships, though.

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