Boost your SEO Ranking Quickly and Easily 

Boost Your SEO Ranking QuicklyWe all want to be #1 on Google, right?  That means we get seen and called and hired.  But getting to that #1 spot is a strategy in and of itself, and one that businesses need to be strategic about from day 1.  

Search Engine Optimization is how we get to that #1 spot on search engines (mainly Google). Also known as SEO, it is designed to help the user find whatever they are looking for in a timely manner. SEO ranks all the listings as to what is considered most relevant to users. Studies show that the first page of Google gets about 91.5% more traffic than the second. In addition to that, the number one site on Google receives about 32.5% of traffic, whereas number two receives about half that, and number 11 only receives about 1% of traffic.  These percentages show that ranking well on SEO improves the amount of visitors to your website. Although gaining traction for your business or company may seem daunting, these tips will help your website rank better on SEO.

  1.       Key Words

Incorporating keywords that are often searched will increase the chances of your website showing up sooner in the users search. SEO keywords are the words or phrases that connect your website to what is being searched on the web. There are two types of keywords, short tail keywords and long tail keywords. Let’s say I am going to order a pair of running shoes. A short tail keyword would be “running shoes.” Simple and easy, however, with that hundreds of results will show up. The abundance of returns makes short tail keywords high competition and volume. Long tail keywords are more specific to what the customer is searching for, like “white running shoes with multicolored polka dots.” The only results would be specific to what you are looking for. Saving you time and the struggle of sifting through multiple websites. It is important to have both short tail and long tail keywords on your webpage because both increase the number of people who view your site, which can in turn produce more business.

  1.       User Friendly Website

A great and easy way to increase your standing in the SEO ranks is simply to have a well-designed website. Ensuring that your site is quick and well designed will make it easier to anyone who is viewing your website. If a user is hardly able to navigate your website, chances are they will move on to the next one fairly quick. Designing an easy and effective website makes it easier for potential business to find what they need quickly and easily. We want everything provided to our client to be high quality, including our webpage (I will touch more on the high-quality part later in the blog). Aesthetics are also vital to the success of a website. First impressions matter, so make sure that the customer is impressed from their first interaction with your business until their last. We want to limit the amount of white space we have on the site. However, we also do not just want a wall of text, break up the words with graphics or audio to keep the user interested.

  1.       High Quality Content

Keep your content up to date! If you move addresses or update your phone number, let your clients know where to find you now. Your website should include current information and information that is useful to your business. When you provide useful content, the reader tends to stay and engage more.  It is also important that you keep the information relevant to the goal of your business. Basically, if you are starting a new business venture, it would be best to not write about your favorite flavor of ice cream, that is not what the reader is there for. The goal is to provide knowledge and resources to aid the readers, while still letting them know that we are up to date on current news within our field.

  1.       Mobility is Key

In an on-the-go world, it is important that your website is ready to go too. Most of us use our phone more than anything, so it is important that your website shows up correctly not just on a laptop. Similarly to an unattractive website, a faulty website will turn away potential customers. It is necessary to have the website work at the same efficiency on a mobile device as it would on a computer. Studies have shown that now about 57% of visits on websites are from mobile devices phones. Mobile friendly devices are created for convenience, do not let the inconvenience of a faulty website deter any business.  In fact, if your site is NOT mobile friendly, you will get down-ranked on Google.  That’s a fact. 

  1.       Contact Page

Customers love knowing that there are real people on the other side of their screen ready to help them.  The easiest way to let them know you are there is with a simple contact page. The contact page should include multiple contact channels (phone, email, fax, etc.) this gives the reader the option to choose whatever is easiest for them. Another option for the contact page is to include your social media platform, this gives your potential customer the option to interact with you on their favorite social media platform. The more user-friendly you make it, the more likely your potential customer will become your actual customer.

Bonus!  Okay, we said five tips, but here’s one of the most important ones and the one that most people give up on too soon:  Consistency!  Consistency is important because that means that your site is getting updated regularly, showing search engine sites that you are still active in your business.  They want to send people to relevant businesses for a query, so if you are proving that you are still around and kicking, compared to a site that has sat stale for six months, guess who will win out?  Also, consistently posting content gives Google and others regular keyword fuel to help them better understand what types of searches you should show up for.  Problem is here…this takes time.  It’s not an overnight fix, but it’s one that will help you win out in the long run!

Websites can be hard to keep up with, especially if you are unfamiliar with how to rank well. With these tricks to better your SEO ranking, you are sure to see an increase in traffic to yours! We’ve seen it happen for ourselves and our clients!