How to Create Engaging Posts and Ads on LinkedIn

Algorithms are a fickle friend to marketers. Social platforms are constantly changing and adjusting their algorithms and it can be a little maddening trying to get your posts just right all the time. 

Those adjustments can be done because the social media companies see issues with the current algorithm or because of feedback they are getting. 

In 2022, LinkedIn launched their native carousel post format. But in less than a year, it was removed. Why? Because users of the platform complained that their carousel posts weren’t hitting the mark for them.

This is a bit strange because carousel or multi-image posts often do better on most social platforms, LinkedIn included. This is because they are interactive, often eye-catching, and the algorithm tends to favor multi-image posts. 

So why are we doing an article on this if LinkedIn removed the feature? There is a way to create a carousel-like post on the platform, a sort of work-around, if you will. It’s called the LinkedIn document post or PDF post hack.

Here is how you can create these carousel document posts and ads that help get your brand noticed, boosting your engagement.

Some Things to Note

First, it’s important to note that there is a limitation with the document carousels compared to the original carousel posts. The limitation is that you can’t use video files. You can only use PDFs or other document files. 

Second, carousel ads are still a valid and available format on the platform. So when it comes to running ads, you can still use images to create your ads. 

Carousel Specs

For document carousels, here is what you’ll need:

  • A document file (pdf, PowerPoint, doc/docx)
  • File size of less than 100 MB
  • No more than 300 pages

While either page orientation works, we recommend using A4 or US letter size in landscape orientation for better visibility of the document itself.

For the traditional carousel ad, the current specs are:

  • Image file (jpg, png, static gif)
  • 1:1 aspect ratio (square)
  • Minimum size of 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • Under 10 MB per image
  • Minimum 2 images with a maximum of 10

How to Create a Document Carousel

Start by making a post as you normally would and add in your copy. Then click on the three dots icon and then add a document. Select your PDF, PowerPoint, or Microsoft Office document. Upload the document and give it a title (which is publicly viewable) and hit Done. Hit post and you are done! Optionally, you can also comment on your post with a link where people can download the document or read the full report. 

How to Create a Carousel Ad

You’ll need a LinkedIn company page in order to run ads. Head to your Campaign Manager then click on Create, then Campaign. Click on Advanced. It will ask you to create a new ad group. Give that group a name and then select your objective. Set your budget and your date range then click on Next.

Now you’ll want to choose your target audience. In advanced mode, you can get very specific, including uploading your own custom audience. The platform also has built-in audiences based around particular profile attributes, such as industry or degree. Don’t forget to set your geographic and demographic targeting to your unique needs. Then choose Carousel Image under Ad Format. An optional setting is defining your conversions for accurate tracking. Click on Next.

Click Create New Ad and add a name for your ad (for your own tracking purposes) and the actual ad copy and link. Add up to 10 images, each of which can link to a different URL. Add a short headline to each image card.

Once you are done, hit Save!

Tips for Better Carousels on LinkedIn

We’ve gone over the basics so let’s look at some engaging content ideas you could share in your carousels:

  • Use bold colors and eye-catching visuals to pique interest
  • Take the opportunity to educate your audience on something they want to learn (users on LinkedIn love data and stats!)
  • Showcase your company culture and values
  • Share a tutorial
  • Promote an event
  • Support a product launch with key product or service features
  • Quote an interview (yours or one you conducted)
  • Create a mini portfolio or share a recent project

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