When you first run ads, you are paying for data. You’re paying to learn about your audience: what copy, creative, and offer works. You need to be connected with your audience to know what offer is going to be so sizzling hot your audience can’t resist it.

Your funnel is designed to get you conversions. The job of ads is to help drive traffic to that funnel. Hear today from ads expert and chatbot marketing strategist, Tracey Matney on some best practices for ad campaigns and how to work well with ad experts.

Soundbites From Tracey:

“We’re entrepreneurs; we can do hard things.”

“Disconnect from the screens and reconnect with each other.”

Quick Wins YOU Can Do Today:

[Hint: Try some of these simple things anyone can do to increase their exposure.]

Make sure your POS system works with your ecommerce platform to ensure that your inventory stays accurate and works for you, rather than making more work for you.

Retargeting is the best thing to incorporate into your marketing ad strategy. If you do nothing else, set up the Facebook Pixel to be able to retarget website traffic. Start tracking now so that you can retarget when you need/want to.

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