Just because you CAN, Doesn’t Mean You Should.

You know those phrases that stick with you forever?  The phrase “just because I can, doesn’t mean I should” is one of those phrases and I knew as soon as I heard it that it’s one that would be a constant reminder to me.  The concept of being picky with what you do is something that is very foreign in America.  We like to do more and be more and achieve more, but realistically, there IS a limit to what we can do well.  And, that’s never more true than it is in business.  

You probably got into business because you are passionate about your main specific area of expertise.  Whether you’re a doctor, or a consultant, or an architect, or “fill in the blank,” you started your business because you’re good at that main thing, enjoy it, and want to help people.  So, why is it so hard to bring in help when you need it?  

Can Anyone Do Social Media?

The answer to this question is going to sound ridiculous, but the answer is yes, AND it is no.  The fact is that anyone can do social media.  By now, most people have jumped on the Facebook or LinkedIn bandwagon, and if you have a profile on any social media channel, you are “doing it” already.  

That said, the question should really be “Can Anyone Do Social Media WELL?”  So, let’s dig into a few questions that will help you determine if YOU are the best one to be managing your business’ social media strategy.  

Questions To Determine If You Should Be Managing Your Business’ Social Media:

  1. Do I enjoy using social media on a personal level?  If the answer is no, odds are, you will find social media for business to be a burden and it will show in your consistency, tone, and engagement.
  2. Do I know how to use these social media channels?  Social media platforms change sometimes daily, so if you already don’t feel comfortable using the sites, know you’ll be spending more time than an expert would.  Consider your personal billable rate as you’re thinking this all through.
  3. Do I have the capacity to keep up with changes in social media?  One thing you can count on with social media is that it evolves daily with new technologies, new layouts, new trends, and more.  If you don’t have the capacity to keep up with what is the latest in social media, it is usually well worth the investment to hire an expert who IS on top of the latest.
  4. Do I have the capacity to create the content needed to represent my brand well on social media?  If you’re not artistically inclined to make graphics and videos, or don’t like to write, creating original content for your brand is going to be difficult.  The bar is set a little higher these days and people expect professional visuals and copy on posts.  
  5. Do I have the time to do this well?  This is the big question and the one that us Americans hate to answer honestly.  If you don’t have the time to keep up with social media, be honest with yourself and instead, devote your time to something in your business that you truly love and promotes growth of the business.  Or, hey, go spend the afternoon with your family instead!
  6. Do I know how to translate my business to a social media audience?  Yes, you can speak about financial reports and market trends for days, but do your clients even know what you’re talking about?  A third-party perspective is often helpful to translate your important messages in a way that is fun and engaging to everyday people on social media.
  7. Do I know how to make a plan for getting my message out?  Social media requires consistency and strategy in how much you talk about your business compared to providing real, lasting value that your audience will care about.  If you don’t feel comfortable knowing when and how to get that out, social media is probably not the thing you should focus your time on. 

The answers may be pointing you to the fact that yes, you could muddle through and manage your social media for yourself.  I mean, I could be doing my own taxes each year and a whole slew of other tasks within my business.  But, there are experts called accountants who can do taxes a heck of a lot faster than I can, and do it right.  While the implications with the IRS are a little different, the same concept applies with social media.  Sometimes it makes sense to bring in the experts to help you focus on what you love, and let them handle the rest.