Tips to Get More Views on Your YouTube Channel

Why should you improve your YouTube game? YouTube is the second most visited site on the internet, just after Google’s own search engine. And most people spend up to six hours per day consuming video content! Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? 

YouTube is a crowded place and for smaller brands and creators, it can be hard to get yourself seen when you have to compete with so many other videos. However, there are some tips and tricks to help get you noticed on the platform and maximize viewership. 

What Counts as a View on YouTube?

Before we dive into the tips and tricks, it’s important to have an understanding of what actually counts as a view on YouTube and why they are so important. Views refer to the total number of times your video or channel has been watched. 

If someone watches your video for at least 30 seconds, YouTube will count it as a view. This applies across all devices a person watches on, and it also applies to embeds and videos shared on other social platforms such as Facebook. Also, when someone visits your channel page, you receive a view. 

In YouTube Analytics, you can check out your views your channel has had in the last 28 days on the Overview tab. 

Why are Views so Important?

Views are important because they influence the YouTube algorithm. The more views you get, the more the algorithm will push your video out to more users. (Views are also part of how you can make money on the platform, which gives you a return on investment.) In other words, views are vital in boosting brand awareness and brand affinity. It’s important to note that it does take time and effort to reach your target viewership.

Tips and Tricks for More Views on YouTube

Now let’s get into these tips and tricks to help you maximize your YouTube viewership!

1 | Write Engaging Titles

YouTube marketing is all about presentation. Your title is make-or-break when it comes to your video’s performance. When crafting your title, ask yourself if you are presenting “must see” content. You want to grab attention, but you don’t want to resort to clickbait headlines. People come to YouTube to be entertained and/or learn something, so your headline should give them an idea of what they will get from watching your video. Some phrases that always do well include “best of” and “how to.” Titles that come across as conversational also do really well. 

2 | Make the Most of the Description Box

Besides the title, the description box also helps YouTube’s algorithm understand what your video is about and categorize it. So make the most of your description by inserting specific keywords into your description copy. Include an offer of value, such as why someone should subscribe to your channel and how your video will benefit them. 

The first 100 to 150 characters of your video description is what appears in search results and above the “show more” button on your video page. This is where you want to include the most important information and call to action. 

And just like the title, conversational copy that your viewers can understand and relate to also does the best. Be authentic to your brand voice, which helps encourage user engagement.

3 | Include Timestamps in the Description Box

Humans and the algorithm both love timestamps. They act as a table of contents, allowing users to skip to different parts of the video easily. Timestamps also increase watch times, pushing up your views and video ranking. 

Plus, timestamps can help Google’s mobile searches by indexing them. So use keywords to describe your timestamps to take advantage of Google searches. 

4 | Learn What Your Audience Wants

As with any content you produce, you have to make sure it is aligned with what your target audience wants. Take a look at what your competitors or other video creators within your industry are creating. What topics are they addressing? What style of videos do they have? And how does their audience respond to their videos? 

Another option is to look at your YouTube Analytics. YouTube gives you detailed information if you’ve already uploaded videos. This includes audience demographics, location, engagement, and other helpful statistics. 

5 | Engage with Your Community

Finally, it’s not just about getting views and likes on your videos. Any sort of interaction with a user sends a positive indication to the YouTube algorithm. However, comments are a great way to personally engage with various users that watch your content. Liking comments takes only a few seconds as does pinning a top comment. But don’t forget to also reply to comments by answering questions or just thanking someone for watching. In fact, YouTube’s Comments tab has some auto-generated responses that you can customize before hitting the reply button!

Bonus Tips:

  • Create your own thumbnail with a title or text using a platform such as Canva, rather than selecting a pre-generated thumbnail.
  • Cross promote your videos on other platforms, such as X, Facebook, and even Instagram.
  • Create a series by utilizing playlists and encourage viewers to follow your series. 
  • Embed your videos in your blog or website. (Did you know that blogs or web pages with video embeds are ranked higher by search engines?)
  • Collaborate with other creators or brands, which can expose you to new audiences.
  • Regularly publish content to YouTube, including community page posts, Shorts, and regular videos.


Key Takeaways

YouTube is a juggernaut. Often in Google searches, YouTube videos show up above blog posts and websites, especially for “how to” videos. YouTube content is also easy to cross promote, and when embedded on your other sites, can increase the SEO ranking of those sites as well. Video is king and it’s not hard to see why building a YouTube following is key to brand success. By following these tips and tricks, you can maximize your viewership, grow your audience, and reach your brand goals! 

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