Whether you’re new to a leadership role, or you’re just looking to level up, Katherine Yasi brings some amazing nuggets of wisdom to the world through her Look Within Leadership coaching and resources. Katherine is a business owner, leadership coach, podcaster, and encourager. She is on a mission to bring more self-love into the world by empowering leaders. 

Katherine shares that ever-important journey of building a brand from the ground up and how she’s leveraging the human side of life in her coaching business.

Quick Wins YOU Can Do Today:

[Hint: Try some of these simple things anyone can do to increase their exposure.]

“Speak your clients’ language.” – Katherine Yasi

Any time you can break concepts down in a way your customer understands, it’s a win. The best way to win in marketing is to pay attention to your clients’ language and speak to them. 

“You have permission to be human.” – Katherine Yasi

One of the biggest successes you can have in your marketing is when you bring the real you to the table. You have permission to show your true self, and when you do, your business will be better for it. Your marketing will be as well!

“Fear is a symptom of change.” – Katherine Yasi

Do it scared. Marketing, growing a business, and leadership all involve change and that can be scary. Fear can be a signal that you are in the midst of change, and therefore, an opportunity to grow. 

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