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In this episode you will learn about:

  • An overview of Jim’s career path.
  • How the Tim & Jim show started.
  • How Jim rebuilt his business after a natural disaster.
  • How Jim got started in online video.
  • How Deal Casters was born.
  • The importance of online video.
  • How to keep up with trends in digital marketing.
  • Why podcasts have become very popular lately.
  • How the platforms tell you exactly what you should do to be successful on them.
  • Why resistance to change can be dangerous.
  • How small businesses can find clients online.
  • What type of businesses can benefit the most from developing a presence on LinkedIn.
  • The importance of authenticity for your brand.
  • How to balance client work with content development. 
  • What would you do if the social media platforms were to go away tomorrow?
  • The importance of diversifying your approach for brand awareness building online.
  • Why you need to keep experimenting with digital marketing strategies.
  • How to stay consistent with content development.
  • How a co-host can help you develop content more consistently.
  • Is it a good idea to invite a guest co-host when one of the co-hosts needs to take a break?
  • Why sometimes it is more beneficial to be a guest on podcasts instead of launching your own show.
  • Who is this strategy best suited for?
  • Jim’s top advice for a quick marketing win.
  • How to balance time spent engaging with people online vs. content development. 
  • How to tastefully engage with people online without appearing too self-promotional.
  • Why you should avoid being seen as a “broadcaster” on social media. 
  • How to decide how much to share online so that you don’t over-share.

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