Marketing Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Marketing Trends for 2022Consumer behavior is constantly changing and that means marketing has to evolve with it. But with so many moving pieces, what should you spend your time and resources on? And what trends should you have on your radar? We took a deep dive into those questions and more to help you plan your marketing strategies for 2022 and beyond. 

On Our Radar

There are a few things on our radar for the coming year and beyond. These trends include video (both short-form and live), audio only content and building community. What ties all of these trends together is the value of being authentic to your brand. 

“While more brands believe being more socially aware or conscious is what their audience wants, what we’ll see is that true authenticity, not lip-service authenticity, is what people crave.” –Jon Cook, Keynote Content

Video Will Still Be King

Video is still king, but it’s important to note that short form video is where it’s really at. With the rise of TikTok came the rise of short-form, often humorous or fun, videos. And Tim Washer, of, agrees that humor is one of the most underrated opportunities in marketing today! People love to see brands being authentic but also having some fun, and humor in short-form video can be extremely effective in engaging people. But is TikTok a fad that will come and go? It’s hard to say as none of us can see into the future, but what we do know is that this is where audiences are for the moment.

“TikTok and Clubhouse are exploding. They may be a fad and come and go and they may not have the staying power like Facebook or Instagram. But I feel like I want to jump on the bandwagon and ride it out for as long as it lasts.” –Val Jones, Val Jones Speaks

But short-form video isn’t the only type of video content on the rise. Chad Illa-Peterson, of  The Story Catcher, believes that both live streaming and shorter videos have seen the biggest shift in digital marketing over the past decade. Virtually every platform has an option for live streaming, including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, just to name a few. And then there are platforms where live streaming is all you do, like with Twitch (which can be a great way to fundraise for a charity). These virtual spaces give your audience the interactivity they crave and adds to your brand’s authenticity as you give them more and more opportunities to get to know you. 


“I think the basics are always in play: the who, what, why, when, what problems we’re solving. That never changes. The medium’s the might. Video has been and will continue to be a big growth area.” –Peter Brissette, Digital Marketing Dude


Organic is On the Rise

This past decade has also seen another trend on the horizon and that is a shift away from paid digital advertising and more toward organic content. 

“People believe they have to pay for attention and that’s simply not true. Paid is one of the most difficult ways to find qualified leads, but it’s viewed as ‘the easiest.’ Paid ads might work for a few months, maybe a few years if your timing is lucky, but a business can’t survive on paid ads for the long term.” –Kate Erickson, Entrepreneur on Fire

Paid digital advertising can be viewed as easy–you pay a couple hundred bucks and you get your stuff seen by people. But in reality, setting up your campaigns correctly to give you a better return on investment is often more than half the battle, especially for those who are new to the marketing game. And even if you do it well, the gains you make are often short-term. Organic on the other hand can bring you more long-term results. Organic content is the type of free content that provides value and builds community. But you can’t expect results overnight here. You have to take the time to get to know your audience and deliver them what they want and need.

Audio Only Content 

“Podcasting is one of the most underrated opportunities for marketing today. There is still SO much room to (literally) be heard, with no algorithms to fight against.” – Lou Mongello, WDW Radio

Audio-only content is looming larger on the horizon every day. And we couldn’t agree more with Lou Mongelo that podcasting can really help you get heard without worrying about hitting the algorithms just right. Podcasting saw renewed vigor during the pandemic. People couldn’t attend live events or just needed something to occupy their time besides binging Netflix. But we don’t think this fad is going anywhere any time soon. People are continuing to subscribe and listen even as things open back up. 

Providing Value and Community is a Must

Social media isn’t just about endless scrolling anymore. People want to get something for their time. They want to feel inspired. And you have to give that to them or they’ll jump ship. But beyond that, sharing valuable content really allows you to hone in on your branding efforts while building community. 

“The biggest shift I’ve seen in the past decade is back to organic and the emphasis of building community and branding.” –Deonnah Carolus, Summit Web Marketing

On a deeper level, it isn’t just about giving something of value here or there. We are seeing a shift, as Jon Cook says, from information-driven marketing to conversation-driven marketing. “We are moving from a small tsunami of content (articles, podcasts, tweets, etc.) to a more cohesive content driven prospect engagement.” So in other words, start having genuine, long-term conversations with your audience. Another way you can do that besides organic social posts is by using an “old school” method like email newsletters, which will continue their strong resurgence in 2022. 

Some Additional Sage Advice

Here is some more sage advice regarding digital marketing we think you’ll love.

“Network, start being social, and engaging on social where you want to be seen.” – Deonnah Carolus

“Write every day, publish every week, be valuable.” – Tim Washer

“Keep going. Keep trying. Keep putting yourself out there; remind yourself that being an overnight sensation takes 10 to 15 years.” – Val Jones

“Be willing to work hard to build a following, have something to say to your audience, say it well and with purpose.” -Peter Brissette

“Your audience is no longer expecting to engage with you through only a single channel. That’s exciting because the opportunities expand far beyond any one medium or outlet.” -Jon Cook

“I think we will begin to really be marketed to without realizing it. It will be much more organic and subtle.” – Chad Illa-Peterson

“Stop reading this and go create more stuff. Just start…Don’t focus on the numbers but instead on building and fostering meaningful community.” -Lou Mongello