“Navigating Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing: A Conversation between Katie Brinkley and Valerie Morris”

Marketing leaders, Katie Brinkley and Valerie Morris, discussed key insights and experiences in the realm of entrepreneurship and digital marketing. We also talked about Katie’s new book and the process she went through to publish it.

Building a Brand:

Katie Brinkley emphasized the significance of authenticity, advising entrepreneurs to stay true to their values and communicate a genuine story. Katie has a social media agency in Denver, offering social media and podcast strategy for CEOs aiming to become thought leaders. She started working with bands on MySpace 20 years ago and has a background in radio, which influenced her current business.

Katie emphasizes the significance of sharing one’s story and thoughts, despite the vulnerability it brings. Holding a microphone, either physically or metaphorically, is crucial for building trust and community, especially in the digital world.

The Social Shift

Katie’s book, “The Social Shift,” recently came out in December 2023. The book addresses the changing dynamics of social media and emphasizes strategic use to build a community online and balance time effectively.

It took 18 months to publish, providing insights into the evolution of social media and the quest for community building. Katie shares the challenges faced during her book launch, including website malware issues that affected the launch day. Despite the hurdles, Katie successfully launched her book on her website and plans to sell it on Amazon later. Katie acknowledges the importance of finding reliable partners in the publishing process, doing thorough research, and understanding the significance of metrics. Learn about how her launch went and lessons learned along the journey!

Connect with Katie Brinkley:

Interested individuals can connect with Katie, explore her podcast, and obtain her book at katiebrinkley.com.