On-Page SEO Basic Strategies For Growing Companies

Friends, your words matter.  Not just because you have an important message to share, but because the words on the webpage have the power to help you rank well on search engines at the same time!  Many people write flowery words for their website and don’t think much about how they could be leveraging those words to work even harder for them.  


We’re big fans of WordPress over here, and if you install the right plugins, you can easily get your text ranked for how readable the text is.  There are also a ton of sites where you can paste your text and get scores on how easy your text is to read and what grade level of comprehension your text reads at.  These can be really helpful to you as you decide who you are speaking to.  If you are speaking to people who may not have graduated high school, you want to make sure you are speaking in plain English.  However, if you are speaking to highly educated people about technical topics, you may need to speak with a higher level.  

Headings Matter

Remember that people often skim a page first and then go back and read through the details. This means that your headings need to be clear about what you’re sharing and the key points.  The hard part here is making headings work within the context of what you’re talking about in a way that real humans would read it.  You don’t want things to sound robotic.  

Drop Keywords

You don’t want to have sentences that are just a huge list of all the keywords associated with your brand, but you also want to make sure you are using these keywords in your narrative.  If you are talking about the basics of SEO strategy in your article like this one, you will want to mention “SEO basic strategies” and work it into sentences or introductions to sentences.  This is an art that many copywriters will be accustomed to working into the text in a natural way.  

One mMain Keyword

In the past, we might have been able to get away with a page that talked about all the keywords associated with the brand.  However, today, you can find better success if you focus on one main keyword or phrase per page. This means that you can be strategic and focused with the content you discuss.  So, if you are a dentist who also specializes in pediatric dentistry, your page discussing this service can be solely focused around the keyword of “pediatric dentistry” and not all the different services you offer.  

Keyword Lists

Ultimately, before you embark on any implementing on-page SEO basic strategies, you will want to do some studies to determine which keywords work best in your industry and which ones you can build credibility and traction in.  Not all keywords that seem obvious are the best ones to go after.  SEO experts will be able to help you map out the right strategy based on your own industry in your own location.  

Constant Work

SEO is something that changes constantly as consumer behavior changes the rules.  Google is always adjusting their algorithm to give users the best possible experience when they go search for solutions to their problems on their search engine tools.  That’s why we must always approach on-page SEO basic strategies with the intent to pivot and adjust regularly.  This is an organic thing here based on the billions of people using the Internet each second.  Be willing to go in and adjust your strategies throughout the year.  It’s never a set it and forget it kind of process.  

The words you write on your website need to be working for you and one of the best ways to do that is by being strategic from the start.  This means quality copywriting that sets your brand up for success from day one and allows you to make slight adjustments as your business evolves.  This also means doing some on-page SEO strategy at the start so that it is easy for Google to understand who you are.  Even more, this means you have a solid foundation from which to build upon if you decide you want to hire someone to help you get more proactive with your link building strategies, and other proactive SEO tactics.  Strategic words can help you out more than you ever realized!


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