Is Your Marketing a One-Trick Pony?

I’ve heard it said that you ‘can’t tell your message enough.’ This statement needed to be said to the group I was in at the time. I immediately resonated with it, but at the same time had a problem with it too. The statement above is close but not quite there.

Yes, you need to tell your message regularly, and most people DON’T do it enough. Often, we think we’ve made it quite clear that we provide X, Y, Z services or products and expect the world to remember and know this. But, most of the time, we don’t say it enough and our audience is still foggy on what our brand provides.

The problem becomes when we say this message in the SAME WAY over and over again. THAT is when it becomes a problem, and sadly, that’s what I see brands getting wrong. And that’s when your audiences start feeling spammed and your audience starts to ignore you.

But, the opposite end of the spectrum is just as detrimental in marketing. In this case, they have no clue what you offer!

And I find brands that come to us fall into two main camps: they either spam their audience with the same message in the same way too much, or they don’t tell their message enough.

So, is all hopeless? Is there another option?

I do believe there is another option and that’s where content marketing becomes incredibly important.

You see, when you can convey your message in a new, fresh way; in a new medium or on a new channel it becomes fresh. Repurposing your stories and your messages is a creative process and one that just doesn’t happen with the click of an automatic button. Creating content for multiple platforms or digital channels becomes important. Telling your brand story and brand offer in different ways becomes important. Incorporating different voices in the team becomes important.

Suddenly, you’ve become more than a one-trick-pony in marketing and you are telling your story effectively to where “yes,” you are telling your story enough, and also all the time, but it’s in a way that feels natural.