Quality Video Marketing

Create Quality Video Marketing Content

Who better to represent your brand than you? Why hire a video editor to edit your business’s videos when they have no idea what your business stands for? Here is how to be a pro at video marketing. If you are just starting to use video marketing it can be extremely overwhelming. It is remarkably different than any other form of marketing. Instead of focusing on the words you use it focuses on visuals. If you are not used to that it can be very intimidating. Here are a few tips to guide you through the process and help you get your video marketing career off to a great start. Here are four steps to help you get started:

Simplicity is key

For those of you just getting into video marketing you may see that you need to buy expensive cameras, ring lights, microphones and so much more. However, those might be useful in the future but definitely not a necessity to be successful. If you find that video marketing works for you, you may want to invest in those in the future. However, for now your iPhone and video editing software that comes on your computer will do just fine. So what’s the next step to success? Quality content.

Content for Video Marketing

Like any marketing strategy, we want to provide useful content to our viewers, and video marketing is no different. However, with video marketing you are also able to go deeper. So, how can we make our video content even better? Here are a few tips:


This can look like numerous different things. Here are a few ideas to get you started! First, share your company’s overall goal. What do you want your company to be in five years? How did you get your business to where it is now? Make a video talking about where you started off and how you got to where you are now. People love to see how a company grows and where they will be heading in the future. You can show behind the scenes. Show what is like to work at your business for a day. People love to see what is like behind the business front. Use what you have to promote your business! Customers, employees and you! See if you can get customers to talk to the camera about how their experience with your company was. You can also interview employees. You can do a get to meet the employees or have your employees talk about their time working there. We want to involve the workers and the customers it makes a company fee more personable and welcoming. Lastly, make sure that you are accessible to your customers. Interview yourself so that your customers get to know you better. Again, we all like to know that behind the business there is a real person


We are running a professional business so we need to produce professional content. These videos are going to be more informative and promote your brand. For informative videos you can show them how a product or service you provide works. Show them the different steps and processes. You can share helpful tips to topics that are relevant to current events. How is your company going to be helpful to the viewer, and what services can you provide, that is what you need to talk about. Share important and relevant information to help keep your clients up to date.

Use Questions and Calls To Action

We want to keep the audience engaged throughout the whole video and one way to do that is to ask questions. Pose questions throughout the video, this will keep the viewer engaged and active. These questions can be relating to the context of your video or even just about them. Ask them if they like a particular style of video more than others, after all they are the reason that you are creating content anyways. Interact with the audience as much as you can. Another great way to engage your audience is by putting a call to action at the end of the video. Think about what information you just provided to them and encourage them to use it. After an informative video challenge, your viewer to use the information you just provided.

Short, Sweet and Simple

Your videos should be informative, but not dragging on. Aim to keep it under 5 minutes as a general rule, and even shorter on many social media platforms. Focus on making short, quality content. Nobody wants to sit through a thirty-minute lecture for something that can be simplified to 5 minutes.   

First Impressions Matter

The first few seconds of the video are crucial. First impressions stick, so we want to make a good one! About one fifth of viewers will click off if they are not hooked within the first ten seconds. Hook your audience in with an interesting start to the video and keep them hooked until the very end!