Jessika is a relationship marketing evangelist who believes that relationships need to be at the forefront of business. Love more, be more, and give more. Join us today to understand what relationship marketing is, why it matters, and how it can affect your bottom line and return on investment. 

Soundbites From Jessika:

People start online. Buying decisions start online. Look for ways to imagine that you are your customer and look for your brand online. What does that look like? How easy is that to do? 


Check in with your team and your people to see how they’re doing. Remote relationships require more intentional check-ins. 


Culture matters! You can’t buy Gen Z. They care about a great culture to work in. Setting up your culture has a direct, and immediate effect on your marketing and your sales. 


Quick Wins YOU Can Do Today:

[Hint: Try some of these simple things anyone can do to increase their exposure.]

  • – How you can out-care your competition! Go grab Jessika’s resources. 
  • Don’t feel like you have to do it all. Find that one thing that makes YOU, you. See how you can incorporate that into your messaging. Don’t overlook that thing that you are good at, passionate at, and care about. It CAN be your superpower in your business. 

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