We’re channeling our inner Stacy and Clinton to help us think about social media from a fashion perspective.  There are many brands on social media that desperately need a makeover.  They have outdated, frumpy, and clashing social media style.  Don’t fear!  We’ve got just a few simple social media style rules to help you think about your social media and online presence in the right way!  Just follow our makeover rules:

  1. Make sure your brand’s message is consistent in your logos, colors, wording, and spirit.   This is branding 101, but make sure that your social media profiles match your branding message and saying consistent messages with each post!
  2. Make a good first impression with your social media style!  Younger generations will make snap judgments about your brand by your online presence.  What kind of first impression does your brand give on social media and other places online?
  3. Mix & Match “Textures”!  Use a variety of media and types of posts to keep your audience interested and engaged.
  4. Have fun with your social media style!   See that word “social” in the phrase “social media”?  It means that you can let your hair down a little bit and show the personality of your brand.
  5. Dress For Success Daily!  Social Media is something that you need to check in on regularly.  Gone is the day when a brand could let their accounts or website sit for a few years without looking at it.  There are so many ways to make social media a part of your daily life and make it work for your business.  When all else fails, look to a social media stylist for help!  (And hey, we actually know some good people for you to talk to!)



This blog article is an excerpt from a seminar that goes into greater detail.  If you are interested in having Valerie speak to your group about social media and how to be successful with it, please contact us!