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In marketing there are many strategies that feel very mystical and mysterious.  SEO and social media are two of those.  Why do they feel mystical?  Well, no one on the outside of Google, Facebook, and the other networks, REALLY know what is going on with their algorithms. What we do know is how to stay educated, how to watch trends, and how to evolve our marketing strategies to work with the latest changes.

Always Changing

One thing you can count on in digital marketing is that things will change.  Google does a few big changes every few years, and if you hang out around Facebook much at all, you know that they change things constantly.  Every social network and major web program has its own algorithm of how they determine what information is most valuable for their users to know.  It’s a lot to keep up with.  It’s no wonder people hire the “pros” to help them out.

So What Stays Consistent In SEO and Social Media?

3 Things That Don’t change In Social Media and SEO Strategy:

  1. The one thing that has stayed consistent over the years is user-based algorithms.  What we mean by this is that Google’s algorithms always trend in the best interest of the end user.  They want the search results to make sense.  That’s how they earned the status as the most useful search engine.  So, for example, the change recently to reward sites that perform well on mobile, is a natural algorithm change that mirrors the end user increase in mobile activity.  If you can think like a real user, and tailor your writing, content topics, and functionality in that way, you will naturally be trending alongside Google’s algorithms.  Easier said than done, right?  Yea, that’s why we have so many companies that go into the details for you!
  2. Generating good content has always been valid.  “While the type of media has changed some, what matters most to SEO is generating quality content that your potential customers actually find useful and engaging. A blog is a great way to do this as the creative format has very few restrictions, but it’s certainly not the only way. Write blogs that instruct, inform, or identify a new solution to a common issue – that’s what people will read and share, and that’s what will impact SEO positively.” – Tyler Mandroian, C1 Partners.
  3. Links are good.  The rules on how you build these links may change as people abuse techniques or as new user trends develop, but links between websites are always a good thing.  Links give your website more authority, showing Google that you have substance, a thriving digital network, and are a site that Google should feature higher on their rankings.  Social media is a great place to build some of these links and network with others to get links on even other sites!

Of course, there are many other things that change constantly in social media and SEO strategy, but there are a few consistent threads that stay constant.  Build your digital presence on a few core foundational principles, and your social media, content, and SEO strategies can all work together to drive more quality traffic to your website!