6 Reasons to Love AgoraPulse:  Why We Love this Powerful Social Media Management Tool and Why You’ll Love it Too!

Social Media Management ToolIf you manage social media, you know how important it is to have a powerful tool in your toolbelt. From scheduling to reports and insights, your tool should help you be more efficient and deliver data in a way that is easy to understand. 

AgoraPulse is one of those powerful tools for social media management. Not only is it easy to create engaging content across various platforms, but it also delivers powerful reports giving you better insight on your posts. Here are 6 reasons we love AgoraPulse for social media management.

Power Reports

Power Reports is an advanced analytics feature that allows you to create your own custom reports based on the metrics that matter most to you. It also allows you to schedule automated exports of selected reports to be sent to your email. Power Reports gives you key metrics up front, as well as audience growth and engagement. It dives deeper with data on user activity, brand awareness and even which hashtags and posts performed the best. 

When it comes to reports for your clients, AgoraPulse Power Reports helps with that too. It allows you to include your business logo for branding purposes of your own, but beyond that, it can show clients data in a more visual way.  

Shared Calendars

Having the ability to collaborate with clients on their social media content is key. It allows you to ensure that your clients are happy with the content you are creating for them, but no one wants to take hundreds of screenshots each month to share with clients in order to collaborate. AgoraPulse’s shared calendars allow you to easily collaborate with your clients. It gives them the ability to review posts and provide instant feedback, including accepting or rejecting content and even adding comments such as suggested changes. 

Great Customer Service

Whenever an issue has arisen, AgoraPulse has been more than on the ball, quickly resolving any problems that pop up. They offer 24/7 chat support on their website and by email too. Not only do they offer top notch customer service, but they also listen to feedback on what could use improvement and what they can build on. The other thing we love about AgoraPulse’s support is that you can tell there are REAL PEOPLE behind the emails and chats! Their whole team is so supportive and they really bring a great human side to their solutions. 

Instagram Scheduling

Instagram scheduling with AgoraPulse is smooth and without glitches and allows you to share photos and videos (1 minute or less) to your feed. Not only that, but you can schedule Instagram Stories in AgoraPulse as well! All you have to do is choose to send to mobile when scheduling your post and then your phone will prompt you to share that content. 

Customizing and Duplicating Posts

AgoraPulse has made scheduling posts a breeze. It’s intuitive and allows you to quickly create a post to be published on multiple platforms at one time. Not only can you create a single post for multiple platforms with the click of a button, but you also have the ability to customize your post for each platform while creating that content. And if you change your mind about which platform you want to schedule a post for, you can easily delete a post for a platform or even duplicate a post to schedule on a different platform or the same platform. 

Saved Hashtag Groups

Another great feature for content creation that saves time is the saved hashtag groups. You can save a list of hashtags for each client (or multiple lists for each client!), inserting them easily with the click of a few buttons. You can even edit these lists to remove hashtags that aren’t working or add new ones!

There are so many great features to AgoraPulse. It keeps you efficient and your team and clients on the same page. They also are always innovating, which means that the tools keep getting better and better. Our team simply could not operate efficiently without this social media software. Whether you’re looking for a tool for your company, or you’re an agency looking for a solution to manage all of your client’s profiles, AgoraPulse is one to consider

Hey Friends, if you’re wanting to test drive AgoraPulse, they’ve made it really easy for our friends to get started. You can get your first month free by clicking HERE.