Video Ideas For Your Video Marketing Strategy

It was not long ago that when people thought of videos for marketing, it typically was a stuffy, scripted video that explained the vision and mission behind your company.  These can (and still are in many cases) extremely expensive, time intensive, and heavy on the editing.  However, today when we talk about video marketing, we know that there are endless possibilities.  Thanks to advancements in technology and social media, we now have a ton of new opportunities to broadcast our brand to the world.  

Here are just a few ways you can incorporate video into your marketing plan:

  1. Commercial videos:  Commercial videos are similar to the one I listed just above.  These are typically highly scripted, professionally filmed, and highly edited to help push a specific service or offer. 
  2. Animated videos:  Want to show something unique about your business but don’t want to hire actors?  Animated videos could be a great solution for you.  While highly edited, they can add a little bit of fun to the mix.
  3. Whiteboard videos or Explainer videos:  Explainer videos are similar to animated videos but usually look like something or someone is writing it out on a whiteboard.  They are explaining and teaching you in the process of the video about a specific topics.  
  4. Content videos:  There are a number of great programs that allow you to make simple videos with text flying in, images sliding through, music backgrounds and voiceovers.  These are great for highlighting specific aspects of your message without actors and can be relatively cost effective.
  5. Video Blogging or Vlogging:  Video blogging is a great way to talk about specific topics for a minute or more that you might normally write an article about.  These require a face of the brand to be up in front of the camera, and may require some minor editing for branding purposes.  However, these videos can be extremely effective in answering frequency asked questions and educate people on how to work with your company. 
  6. Live Video:  Thanks to social media, we can now go live on a number of platforms.  Live videos don’t usually require fancy equipment (often just your smartphone will suffice) and they also don’t require fancy sets either.  Since it’s live, people expect a certain level of raw-ness, which also translates into authenticity!  
  7. Interviews:  Interviews are a great way to incorporate video into you strategy without coming up with all the content on your own.  Find people who are interesting in your field and interview them.  Simply associating your brand with other experts in your field can elevate you to that same expert status.  

Video marketing is a must in our opinion and experience.  We’ve seen it do wonders for our clients, friends, and even our own brand.  If you’d like to learn more about how video can work for your company, we’d love to talk.  Contact our team and tell us you want to up your game with video in your marketing strategy!

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