When it comes to growing company pages, there are a few strategic things we can do for a more proactive follower campaign. While there are many other things you can do to give your Company Page more exposure through engagement and use by LinkedIn users (employees and others), these tactics are focused on simply getting people to the “follow” button to start following your company on LinkedIn

Proactive Follower Growth: 

  1. Post on Personal Profiles: Put a post out on your personal profile(s) asking people to follow your page. Tell them you are working on increasing the awareness around your company and any quick “follow” of the page goes a long way to giving social proof around your company.
  2. Private message key people to ask them to follow the page. Copy/paste a standard template to speed up the process. This is a great way to do so where it feels more like a personal ask that the other person should take more seriously compared to a broad, social post. 
  3. Invite connections: Admins to established pages can invite 250 connections each month to follow their page in the analytics portion of your company page. 
  4. Invite Connections with Auto-Invite Click Auto-Invite content engagers to automatically invite people who interacted with your content in the past 30 days. Automatic invitations are only available with a Premium Company Page subscription. 


Passive Invitations

These types of activities are things that are just a good idea to do in general. These may seem obvious, but many companies don’t do these. 

  • Linked icon on your website
  • Clickable icon in your email signature
  • Clickable links in your footers of any company email blasts
  • Bumper sticker on your car (just kidding – but wanted to make sure you’re still alive by this point)