Learn A Few Great Ways To Use LinkedIn Effectively

Real talk… How often do you go and use LinkedIn? Do you use it just for looking for your next job? Do you realize the amazing potential this platform has to build your network, grow your business, or connect with some amazing human beings? 

If you are still using LinkedIn as just an online resume for your next job search, you have a profile that you haven’t logged into for years, or use it but want to do more with it, here are a few simple things to think through:

  1. Strategic Profile that is fully fleshed out. If it’s been at least 4-6 months since you’ve looked through your profile, now is a great time to do so. 
  2. Summary. Many people still aren’t utilizing the summary section of their LinkedIn profile, which is a great place to get at your audience’s pain points and help share how YOU can solve that pain point for them. Whether you’re looking for a job, looking for your next customer/client, or just want to share your message, this one spot on your profile is vital to fill out.
  3. Photos. Your profile photo and cover photo are useful tools. If you don’t have these customized with your own photos, what are you waiting for? Don’t stop at just the profile photo, but make sure your cover photo is strategic as well. You want it “lightly branded” so that people get a first impression that matches what you’re all about. 
  4. Engage more than you post. Commenting and liking are two simple things you can do to engage with your network. The beauty is that you don’t have to come up with a ton of original content in order to do so, and it helps bring the human element into the digital relationship. 
  5. Post strategically. On LinkedIn, you don’t have to post five times a day, or even five times a week. You can post one or two times a week and often get a bigger bang for your buck. Whatever you post here, make sure it’s quality and not fluff. People are looking for high caliber content on LinkedIn and they’ll respond accordingly. 
  6. Build your network. Use LinkedIn’s search tools (both on the free and Premium versions) to find the right people to connect with. Think about location, job role, industry, and even company to find exactly the right types of people to connect with. You can literally craft your audience on LinkedIn to be full of your ideal audience. 
  7. Be human. If something feels spammy, it probably is spammy. Just say no to spam. But honestly, if something feels like it’s taking the humanity out of the equation, don’t do it. Instead find ways to build authentic relationships.
  8. Take it offline. Remember that social media is a tool and should never be a fully substitute for relationship. Let LinkedIn be a tool to help you build relationships that you turn into something more like a phone call, web meeting, podcast interview, coffee in-person, a meet up at a conference, or more. 

If you’d like to learn more about improving your LinkedIn strategy, feel free to reach out. We’ve done LinkedIn profile revamps, LinkedIn posting strategy, and Strategy Implementation for clients with great success. We’d love to help you learn how you can leverage this platform to showcase your expertise!  Snag a time to chat with us.