Why Digital Marketing MattersWhy Digital Marketing Matters Right Now:

One thing that became abundantly clear during this pandemic was that digital marketing is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. So many companies put marketing on the backburner when they’re busy, or budgets are tight. But, what do you do when YOU physically can’t get in front of your customers, or your network? Your digital and online presence is even more important and digital marketing becomes your avenue to reach customers. 

Still wondering why digital marketing matters right now? Take a look:

  1. Consumers are going virtual. We’ve already seen consumers making a shift to virtual shopping and research, but COVID accelerated the adoption of these behaviors. Now, if you don’t have an online presence, you don’t exist to the average consumer. If you have a presence, but it’s old and clunky, hard to find, or confusing, you will get passed over for your competitor. If you have an online presence, but you aren’t updating it, consumers don’t know if you are still open and how to do business with you. 
  2. Direct Communication: Your online presence is a simple way to help loyal customers find out how they can support you. Whether that’s through your email list, social media profiles, or just updates on your website, keep your information updated regularly so that it’s simple for people to know how to support you. Odds are, you’re frazzled and busy, so this will also save YOU time too as you’re going throughout your day. Take advantage of these channels and audiences you have already built up. 
  3. Attract NEW customers: Most people are open to new things right now. Those that never did curbside pickup are open to trying it. Many are open to supporting a local restaurant they’ve never tried before just because it’s local. Many have new product or service needs that your company can solve for them, without them ever leaving their home. Think about things like mobile detailing services, purchasing speciality items like vitamins or holiday gifts, virtual classes, and the list can go on and on. If you solve a problem for people, you may have a new market to tap into and you can strike while the iron is hot. Digital advertising on social media and search engines could make a HUGE difference if you’re trying to reach NEW people in this season. 
  4. Digital isn’t going anywhere. Sure, when the pandemic wanes, some consumer behavior will return to how it was pre-covid. However, many people will continue in new trends they picked up during the pandemic. Your digital presence is just as important then as it is now and investing in it now could make a huge difference for your long-term growth. Digital marketing was already growing in relevance, and will continue. 

Many businesses are focused on survival and growth in the moment, but so much of what we do now during this season of change can help set us up for future success. Digital marketing matters a lot to the current situation, and it can also help set you up for even more success as we move forward. 


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