In the last couple weeks, Google has launched the new “tabs” feature to their gmail accounts.  The new feature was originally announced in May and has created quite a stir among marketers.  Gmail is the top email platform in today’s digital world, so a change like this is important to consider.  Gmail tabs sort emails into three categories:  primary, social, and promotions.  The idea is that your most important emails will sort into the “primary” tab.   However, many mass emails will push into the “promotions” tab, causing many to have concerns about the effectiveness of their email marketing.

Time will tell when it comes to seeing how these tabs affect email marketing in the long run.  However, according to Ad Age***, “We’ve found there’s been really no impact in our business overall. In fact since the redesign launched, we’ve seen no change in [email] open rates, and response rates have stayed almost exactly the same,” said Jeffrey Lack, director of marketing at Jiffy Lube.  These initial results are encouraging to marketers and advertisers in that gmail hasn’t completely squashed their efforts.

The tab feature may actually prove to be a positive feature for email marketing.  Looking in the “promotions” tab means that that gmail user has chosen to go look through those emails.  Using the right subject line to hook your customer may just bring a higher open rate to your target audience.  

In our ever-changing digital world, marketing has to be up-to-date, savvy, and attention-grabbing.  You must stay on top of your game.  Daunting as it may be, you can actually make a great impression to your target audience through email marketing.  And sometimes, you just need to bring in the big guns for it.  That’s why we exist!  We help companies navigate the ever-changing scene of marketing and advertising, so you can relax and do what you do best!


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