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In this episode you will learn:

  • Dorothy’s transition from a freelancer to an agency owner. 
  • Dorothy’s new digital media company that helps freelancers grow business. 
  • The limiting beliefs that some people have that prevent them from moving from live launches to evergreen content.
  • The most common types of evergreen content.
  • What does evergreen content mean?
  • The difference between evergreen content and live launches. 
  • How your offer needs to change in order to be better suited for an evergreen sales process.
  • The power of webinars and how they can support the sales of evergreen content.
  • The biggest objections that people have to evergreen funnels.
  • How to select the right webinar recording for your evergreen offer. 
  • How to make people more comfortable delivering webinars. 
  • What is the difference between a webinar and a masterclass? 
  • How to prepare yourself for developing an evergreen digital product. 
  • How to determine that your content is ready for paid ads. 
  • Why running paid ads is a simple process but definitely not an easy process. 
  • How to calculate your advertising budget for live launches. 
  • How long it normally takes to optimize a webinar before it is ready to become an evergreen product. 
  • How freelancing can be an entry point to entrepreneurship. 
  • The most pressing needs that freelancers have today.
  • How Dorothy innovated during the pandemic to follow the most recent trends.
  • Why it is important to have high-value freelancing skills.
  • The most incredible aspects of freelancing.
  • How AI might change marketing. 
  • Dorothy’s advice for your next marketing win.
  • The most lucrative trend for business owners who are looking to grow.

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