Amazon Prime Day is here!  With it come a ton of fun deals, and a chance to get that shopping bug adrenaline rush once again. Some people look for major deals, and others are here for the experience (Hello, Taylor Swift!) Whatever you’re looking for on Amazon Prime Day, here are a few big items to have on your radar:

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging

I think of AirPods like I do nice sunglasses:  they’re an investment and require me to pay attention to where I set them down. However, they are worth every penny! I got my pair for Christmas and have never regretted getting them!

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Thinking of getting an Echo? Now is the time. Voice technology is only increasing in capability and popularity. It’s a great time to grab an Echo and the deals on them now are great!

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise Cancelling Headphones

While an investment, noise canceling headphones are a must in so many situations. And, Bose doesn’t disappoint!

Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning

In today’s world, learning is changing constantly. We consume so much content each day and we have the power to learn anything at our fingertips. When you understand how learning works, you can really see no limits. Great book to grab!

Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

Another great book on our radar. This book has received a ton of interest so far and we want to see what the buzz is about. We love diving deep into books about creativity and new ideas. It helps keep us sharp and get inspired as we work on client’s projects too!

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